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SSC General Studies Interview Questions
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What are causes for inflation ?

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Who wrote ?Asian Drama? ?

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What was main industry in India during the time of independence ?

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Which activities dealt by the micro economics ?

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To which human capital refers ?

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Which seasonal crops are called Khariff crops ?

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Who administers the Oath of office to the President of India ?

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Which are consisted by the Parliament of India ?

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In a Unitary Government under which the powers are vested ?

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To which the Article 360 of the Constitution of India relates ?


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What is name of the currency being introduced 12 out of 15 European Union countries ?

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By whom The Panchayat Raj system was recommended ?

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When the United Nations Day is celebrated ?


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To which movement Mr. Sunderlal Bahuguna is associated ?

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Through which X rays cannot pass ?

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Chola's local-government had assemblies of


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i am appearing an examination of assistant inspector of excise and the matter of fact is, i have no clue. can anyone help me out with likely questions?????


Can anybody tell me how to prepare for the interview of SSC Scientific assistants