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UPSC General Studies Interview Questions
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Which one of the country has largest Mica reserves as well as production?

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1.who is the present chairman of Human rights commission for tamilnadu state.......... 2.Ijath nagar belongs to which state? 3.who is the present Civil consumer commissioner? 4. who is the present Civil consumer commissioner for tamilnadu state??

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,

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when did Goverment of maharashtra declare the farmers debt waive scheme ?

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which drug is given orally to AIDS patients with pneumocystic carnii infection?

Jyothy Laboratories,

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upsc interview me pushe gaye kush question ke bare me bataye sir


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auditor general of india is appointed by whom?


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who was vice chairman of drafting committee of constitution assembly?


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who was the first education minister of karnataka?

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what is your hobby

Baidu, UPSC,

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When will a horse hav 6 legs?

Baidu, IAS,

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When does monday come b4 sunday?


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When do you find a lot of cities without single house?

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How can u double ur money?

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How many number of buckets you can fill the Himalaya level of water?

AD Solutions, Baidu, RRB, UPSC,

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head of national defence committee,india

Baidu, BPSC, BPSC Bihar Public Service Commission,

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How many seats in jammu


Minimum number of legislative council


Minimum age to become the member of legislative council


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