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UPSC General Studies Interview Questions
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Consider the following statements: 1. Balaghat is known for its diamond mines. 2. Majhgawan is known for its manganese deposits. Which of the statements given abouve is/are correct? 1. 1 only 2. 2 only 3. both 1 and 2 4. Neither 1 nor 2


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President is elected by an "electoral college" consisting of

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What does the B.K Chaturvedi Commission deal with ?

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What is WiMAX associated with ?

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What is an Indian flying fox ?

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Which emperor gave permission to the English to set up a factory in Surat ?


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Which organization conducted an experiment of colliding atomic particles at very high speed ?

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Which wave is used in night vision goggles ?

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Which organization gives away the "Crystal Award" ?

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Which country has the largest uranium reserve ?


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Which two countries were involved in war due to dispute over Ogaden region?

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Which planet has the maximum number of moons / satellites ?

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can anyone tell me which is the best coaching institute for IAS coaching in chennai for general studies and optionals public administration and zoology...preferably if any good coaching institute is in/ near T.nagar please mention it


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from where i can get Question bank of Kerala PSC examitations for Asst.Motorvehicle Inspector.


Who is first Indian woman president of Indian National Congress? 1.S Krilani. 2.S Naidu 3.Indira Gandhi 4.Anie Bascent

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Minimum number of legislative council


Minimum age to become the member of legislative council


How many seats in jammu


0,7,2,14,6,24,12,37,20 next number in the series