General Chemistry Interview Questions
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If the stopper if a bottle has stuck, sometimes it may be removed by heating the neck, why ?

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Why does the snow on the mountains not melt all at once, not changed into water very slowly?

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Why does the water in tanks and ponds not freeze in winter ?

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Why metallic tools used by blacksmiths have wooden handles ?

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Why do clothes dry quicker in wind than in still air ?

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Why is clinical thermometer used in preference to and ordinary Fahrenheit thermometer ?

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When we pour into a tumble, bubbles ate seen outside why?

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Why do woolen clothes keep us warm in winter ?

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Why dies the water boil below 100 o C on the top of a mountain ?

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Why does water boil above 100 o C in mines ?

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Why can?t the meat and dal( pulses ) be cooled well on the top of high mountains ?

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When we heat one end of and iron bar, the other end also gets heated up why ?

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The heat of the sun reaches us and the intervening air is not heated up Why ?

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Why is a vessel of water heats more quickly, when heat is applied at the bottom than it is heated at the top?

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Why is the bottom of a kettle blackened and top polished?

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What is the chemical formula of alum?


Do all explosions produce carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide?


What is pka of acid?


which gas is used in preaparation of bit salt


What is the resulting solution when benzene and toluene are mixed ?


Explain how buffer works?


What is meant by ph of a solution?


Cholesterol is a compound suspected of causing hardening of the arteries. The formula of cholesterol is C27H46O. a. A sample of cholesterol is isolated from the arterial lining of a 60-year-old American male. What is the formula of this compound? b. Cholesterol is extracted from a chicken’s egg. What is the formula of this compound?


What is glacial acetic acid? What are its uses?


Why is acetic acid added?


What makes a molecule into organic molecule?


Explain substituted hydrocarbon?


How are pka and strength of a weak acid related?


What is the application of hardness date in environmental engineering practice?


How is hardness of water caused?