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i am 18 years old and have located a college in usa which is favourable for me.i wanna ask that do i need to give a toefl test if i am going usa for language studies and one more thing, do i have to get toefl scores from some international institute or i can also get scores from my countrie's local institute which provide toefl tests.plzzzzzzzzz help me solve this confusion


Is HCL CDC Fraud???


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hey!! can any one tell me any training institute which provides training on HP-UNIX in mumbai ? Please send me details on Thanks in advance.


hi i completed as/400 course. I want to give certification test in as/400 so please give me information in various type of certification in as/400 and criteria place full information ?


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Hello, This is Ritesh , having 4 year exp of Manual testing and 2 exp in CMMi. I can create Test cases and all activities which includes in manual testing. I know C language and can programm it. I have done all cmmi knowldge now I need to know the details like which certification I need to do if I want to do career in Software Process imrovment plz suggest me if there are placement also with certification. regards,


hi, i am MBA (Mkt & Fin) 2008. from UPTU Lucknow, i would like to know, which course (or certificate) can help me to get operational job. and any detail regarding SAP in finance. thanks in advance for reply.


hi, i am MBA (MKT & FIN) UPTU Lucknow, Please any body tell me which type of courses can help me to get operational job. please tell me any short term course. any detail of SAP in Finance. thanks in advance.

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Hi I am E&C B,E graduate..From past 3 yers working in ICICI Bank non technology gruop..what certification helps me to get advatage of both Technical and banking knowledge?


Auction pay-in

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how to answer in an interview?when they asking me tell about your self?hobbies?year gape?strength?weaknees?

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Please help me where I can get SAS Advanced certification questions free downloads/documents to prepare for exam. certification exam questions for SAS/SQL and SAS/Macros and advance programming techniques etc. Thanks in advance! need them asap!!



hi.. i have competed B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering this year (2009).I am very much intrested in my field.i request u to sugest me the best course and best institute to improve my skills in PLC,SCADA,DCS etc and how can i get job help me. thank you.... my name is giridhar. Email: mobile:+919986917579.


hi,i am a final year engineering student in IT,i accept that i am weak in technical knowledge although i hv 6 month in my hand i don't know what to,i am having a thought for linux certification but viewing some of the answer posted here it suggest that it is the solaris which has more scope than linux.Give me the answer with the reference of current trend in the market as i want to go for a job after my completion of BE degree.


What is Proxy Arp? How does it works?


What is the difference between cisco pix and cisco ASA ?

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how to get iso certificate and which is the best for steel wire product and bathroom accessories , and how many percent central sales tax on it , please tell me as soon as possible


Can anybody mail me latest Cog 132 certificate, which is relatd cognos metadata modeling. My email ID is


For this position our client requires experience in a similar role designing and supporting Unix systems for an ISP or similar organisation. Please detail how you meet this requirement. *


I am sudhakar. I would like to interest to take 33kv supervisor license certificate. But I dont know how to apply how the application will get.when notification will rise.please let me know


hi, 2012 I got an invitation for a organization conference and I was deny in 2013, I also got an invitation form my friend who is American citizen to visit her just two weeks and I was also deny. can I still apply for a visa if the possibility is there?


what is the relationship between the price and volume of securities in share market?


ihave lost my documents before the sbi interview


What is deferent between Windows 2003 server and Windows server2008


Are Silicon mutual funds and investment plans under SEBI registration and is it safe to invest in Silicon mutual funds?


hi, I have apply twice for visitor visa and I was asked if I have a child and I said no I never knew, but I have seven y (7)year old child . and I plan to reapply for the third time show I tell them that I have a 7 year old child? my child mother and I was loving and later she and her family travel another county were there no communication between , in 2014 they came back and she bought my beautiful duather .


salary package for sap fico fresher (zero experinece)


108. Identify the one addition that is not part of the interface of a method a) Importing b) Result c) Exception d) Returning NOTE: I think the answer is B. Please comment if you are sure with your answer


Hi I am E&C B,E graduate..From past 3 yers working in ICICI Bank non technology gruop..what certification helps me to get advatage of both Technical and banking knowledge?


I want take up LoadRunner Testing Certification. Can anyone send me material for that?


Do you have a set of questions regarding to M.I.S.[Management Information System] profile(Means Excel Test)?