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how to answer in an interview?when they asking me tell
about your self?hobbies?year gape?strength?weaknees?

how to answer in an interview?when they asking me tell about your self?hobbies?year gape?strength?..

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I am raja under going as Associate trainee in doli systems
pvt ltd. I have completed AIX looking for a job in AIX
system administration.I have completed B.Sc computer
science in 2004.I have an experience as Associate in doli
systems pvt ltd from 2007 to till date.previously i have
worked as a contracter from 2005 to 2007 in tamil nadu
electricity board.I have completed certification in
please this my sitiuation i have an non it experience for 2
yrs that is why thay are expecting minimum experience in IT
domain.I don't know how to answer in this sitiuation please
help me i have already attended 3 intrviews but i was not
selected.i am expecting the answer from you as early as

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