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What are the functional differences between a Layer 3 Switch and a Router


I have Informatica certification dumps for designer and amdin.If anyone requires, please contact me at

Accenture, ADP, BirlaSoft, Cognizant, Informatica,

218 130917

Can any one please send me the Informatica Certifications dump to my given below email id. Thanks, Duryodhan.


can someone send me which is the best sas training institute in chennai?


what is the relationship between the price and volume of securities in share market?


hai can anybody snd an sample RHCE Exam question to my email ca6th@


from where can i avail a certificate course of EPBX so that in helps me improve my resume as front desk executive


can anybody send sample question on RHCE exam to my maid id


what are the factors effecting the curriculam


Pls help me to know about Teradata V2R6 certification...


Please suggest for diploma engr any good certificaations or courses which will fetch a good jobs?


Who will be giving the Six Sigma Certification?



Do you know at least 5 principles of a database system? plz send me with examples


Do you know at least 5 principles of an online system(IMS DC n CICS)?


Can anybody mail me latest Cog 132 certificate, which is relatd cognos metadata modeling. My email ID is


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Can any body mail me latest SAS advancce latest dumps at


Business Content (BCT) is developed? true/false


What is difference between null Nat and NAT 0


Can anybody provide me the material which is useful for the bo xi r2 certification.Thanks in advance.


I am interested in doing QTP certification.Can u pls send me the details as to how to proceed with the same?Also can u pls send me the required study materials,question pattern and sample questions?My email id is


I have a small shop and have been told i have to have a certificate of Compliance for the Electrics - people have told me that if I am renting the landlord is liable for it. What is the Law!


salary package for sap fico fresher (zero experinece)


PMP certification. Please call 9866654045


Where can I get LAtest qtp 2010 exam questions ?


Hello, This is Ritesh , having 4 year exp of Manual testing and 2 exp in CMMi. I can create Test cases and all activities which includes in manual testing. I know C language and can programm it. I have done all cmmi knowldge now I need to know the details like which certification I need to do if I want to do career in Software Process imrovment plz suggest me if there are placement also with certification. regards,


Does anyone has latest dumps for BASE SAS certification? Please forward to Thanks tons in advance!!


For called program components that are of type transaction or report, what is true about the roll area (assuming processing will resume in the calling program). a) They run in their own roll area b) They run in the roll area of the caller c) Share the same roll area Note: I think Answer is C. Any comments?


How can we know the certificates are fake or not. I applied the Diploma Certificates from Bhihar State Board of Technical Education and Trainning but now i am getting some dought about this Certificates. so please tell me is their any site to know the Certificates Fake or Orginal


I have cleared Informatica certification Designer. if anybody need dumps, can contact at


can anybody help me providing sample paper to clear red hat certification..