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Identify the class of IP addresses that will be used for an organization having a network of between 1000 to1500 computers. Explain your reasons for arriving at this solution. Design a sub netting system for the same organization described in upper . Each sub net should contain no more than 100 computers. Show the overall network using a diagram. Support your proposal with sound technical arguments.


Where can I get LAtest qtp exam questions ?



Where can I get LAtest qtp exam questions ?



Where can I get LAtest qtp exam questions ?



how many max partition are created in redhat linux


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Where can I get LAtest qtp 2010 exam questions ?


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Where can I get LAtest qtp 2010 exam questions ?



ihave lost my documents before the sbi interview


Where can I get LAtest qtp 2010 exam questions ?



Where can I get LAtest qtp 2010 exam questions ?



Where can I get LAtest qtp 2010 exam questions ?



Can anybody please tell me , how do we integrate HR & FI in SAP. Thanks & Regards, Neha


hi this is sunil from mysore karnataka i have been selected for sbi interview on 26 april i am pg in zoology comleted in 2000 till now i have no work experience will it be a -ve point. mail me at contact @ 09448742352


iam selected for sbi comes in sc quota in pu i have 47.5% and 51% in degree in call letter they have asked for 55% in pu and 35% in degree i have applied on the basis of degree will my pu percentage be a problem. help me at contact @ 09448742352


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PMP certification. Please call 9866654045


I am planning to take informatica 9.x certification.Looking for Informatica 9.x certification dump.


hi, i am planning for a cognos certification. if any one has certification dump for COG112, please send to my id i appreciate your help. thanks Muthu


What technique would you use to fix the 10 leftmost columns on a list when scrolling to the right? a) Set Left Scroll-Boundary Column 10 b) Set Right Scroll-Boundary Column 10 c) Scroll List PS+<10> d) Scroll List Left Note: My answer for this question is A. But if you think different then pls give link or explain how.


Do you know at least 5 principles of a database system? plz send me with examples


how can get electrical supervisory competency certificate in state govt.


Domain Trust In Red Hat Linux Dear Friends, I have one doubt, If i have 2 Red hat Linux Server am using 2 domain namely RED & ROSE, and I have 20 or more than 20 XP machine in client, it’s all running by the samba users in RED Domain, the client systems (XP machines) are work both RED & ROSE Domain means , like Domain trust concept, how to configure the Server Main Domain is RED, if it’s go down means it will be working by ROSE Domain can you please give the instruction for this query.


hi, 2012 I got an invitation for a organization conference and I was deny in 2013, I also got an invitation form my friend who is American citizen to visit her just two weeks and I was also deny. can I still apply for a visa if the possibility is there?


Can somebody please send me the TERADATAv12 Dumps on my mail id:


An update function module VF is called within subprogram VU .The program contains the call , VU on commit . At which point are the parameters for the update function VF evaluated ? a) when perform is executed b) at the beginning of function c) at commit work d) at start of v1 update e) at the end of the dialog step. Please answer only if you are very sure about this. Else please dont try.


Does anyone has latest dumps for BASE SAS certification? Please forward to Thanks tons in advance!!


Where can I get LAtest qtp 2010 exam questions ?


hi! can anyone tel me is it worth doing IBM web sphere certification from reliance global services Hyderabad?


Pls help me to know about Teradata V2R6 certification...


I want to do a certification course on "corporate communication" let me know if anyone comeacross this