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General Physics Interview Questions
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How is the bullet in a man?s body located ?

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What happens on combing the hair with an ebonite comb?

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What is meant by geo- magnetism ?

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Which of the surfaces of a thermos flask are silvered and why?

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How can you estimate the height of a bridge by dropping a stone from it ?

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When we go higher up, for how much distance does the temperature roughly decrease by 1oF

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Which friction is grater, statical or dynamical ?

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Does an aeroplane overtaking other aeroplane pass through its right or left ?

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Will the barometric height increase or decrease with the rise of temperature ?

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Explain how the height of a mountain is approximately measured by means of thermometer readings ?

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How many images will be formed if the angle between two mirrors is 90o ?

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How much should be the minimum size of the ordinary mirror, so that and observer standing at the centre of room is able to see the whole of the height of the wall behind him ?

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What is the smallest size of plane mirror in which a man can see his fill image length ?

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On breaking a magnet, how many poles will be got ?

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What happens, when a magnet is floated on a big cork in a through of water ?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Physics }

Explain interference?


Can a vector have a component equal to zero and still have a nonzero magnitude?


What is frequency of sound in air?


For which type of waves is the principle of superposition valid?


What is the loudness?


Graph between frequency of photon and velocity of photo electron?


explain principle of potentiometer


What are the 4 results of the photoelectric effect experiments? : quantum physics


What is the order the following from the worst electrical conductor to the best electrical conductor: glass, rubber, iron, dry wood:


What is the difference between dynamic strain aging and strain aging?


If f equals electric force, and q and q (read as: q-prime) are the charges on two particles, the expression f is proportional to q times q prime divided by distancesquared is what law?


When is fluorescence strong?


What happens to the velocity of sound with the rise of temperature?


Explain the difference between the atomic theory and the kinetic theory?


moment of inertia of an area is always least with respect to