QTP Interview Questions
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what are the principles of good testing scripts for automation?

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can the activities of test case design be automated?


what are the limitations of automation testing?


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what skills needed to be good test automation?

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how to find that tools work well with ur existing system?


describe some problem that u had with automation testing tool?

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what testing activities u may want to automate in a project?

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how to find that tools work well with your existing system?


Cn u please clarify my doubt Where are micTab and micReturn used.Thanx in Advance

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What is the difference between QTP 8.2 and QTP 9.2 ?

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What is the Difference Between Quick Test Pro and Quick test professional?


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What are the Latest Feature are added In QTP 9.2?


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What are they Advantages and Disadvantages in QTP 9.2?


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How to resume the second iteration in the QTP,, if the error has intrupted the the second iteration. When i use run from step it starting from the first iteration again.

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In QTP what is the difference between Step-in, Step-out, Step-over ?


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how to explain a claims and insurance project?


What are the challenges you faced during you entire life automation ?


What is meant by Step generator?what is the use of this? we have 3 steps know there what r all those.? can u all pls give me clear idea of this


can u please explain what is the exact difference between qtp8.2 and 9.0


Is QTP supports Unix. If yes, then how the test automation is done?


hi nani my doubt is how does qtp process metrix related to software process.


images are dynamically changes how to compare two images with out using the bitmap


what is vmodel?advantages and disadvantages of vmodel?


hi i have 4 yrs exp in manual and automation testing using QTP i need sample resumes plz can u send this mail id pbre1980@gmail.com


What is the XML file architecture ?


How software tester can use constants and variables in scripts?


When I click on a link in web page.Link should open in new window.can anyone please let me know the script for this ---Koti


i am looking job in perfomance testing using Loadrunner any one help me a project plz......?(Chandana) chs_29@rediffmail.com


I need to obtain the parent of an object programatically, so if I have: winButton("aButton") I need to obtain the parent part: window("Window1").Dialog("Dialog1") so I can programatically create a string of the full name of the object to call it with an execute statement in QTP I would like to use something like: part[1] = "window(""Window1"")" part[2] = "dialog(""Dialog1"")" so I can do: exeLine = part[1]&"."&part[2]&"."&"winButton(""aButton"")" Execute exeLine Apart from keeping a record of the window/dialog hierarchy is there a parent or path function/ command Thanks Adrian


Can any body please tell me the steps of keyword driven frame work in qtp. My mail is saswat445@gmail.com please send some materials on keyword driven testing in qtp. thanks a lot...