QTP Interview Questions
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How many test scripts are prapare in ur project(HeathCare Insurance).


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Which object model ur used in ur project

Cap Gemini,

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how did u use automating testing tools in ur job?


describe some problems that u had with automating testing tool?


how do u plan test automation?


can test automation improve test effectiveness?


what r the main attributes of test automation?


does automation replace manual testing?

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what r the main benefits of automation?

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how will u choose a tool for test automation ?

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how u will evaluate the tool for test automation?



what could go wrong with test automation?


how u will describe testing activities?

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what testing activities u may want to automate?

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describe common problems of test automation?

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hi can any body give me a script for creating a modularity or keyword driven framework..i am working as a qtp tester for 2 months but still i am not exposed to framework in my company


I would like to directly import XL file and work on that XL file directly in QTp script in that XL sheet need to allocate workbench,XL sheet and generate two bar graphs automatically how to do that? plz let me know any answers?


How to capture all the data of a webtable, weblist and combolist using QTP?


What is difference between Recording time object identification and Run time (Execution) time.


In Test Directory, What are the contents in test case designing? if you prepare in excel sheet how u use thrw Test Directory?


whow much strong on VB and C?


Hi. please provide license key for QTP 9.2, I have windows XP on my machine Thanks in Advance, moreshwar


What we are looking for is to load properties of object dynamically as for our application the global repository will pretty huge. It will be really helpful to us if something similar to following functions of Winrunner is available in QTP. #Define descriptor auto strDesc; #set property in the descriptor Gui_desc_set_attr(strDesc,?Class?,?Edit?); --- put other properties #Add Edit box to GUI Map Gui_add(? ?,strWindowName,strEditboxName,strDesc);


How to recognise the webelement and verifying that webelement is enabled?


Hi frnds, does anybody know if there is anything called "thin point" or something in qtp? thanks in advance.


Hi friends did any budy attend accenture system test for qtp? if any budy pls drop questions.not only accenture any other mnc company which you attended system test(QTP)?it may helpful to others also


How to create Reusable and Multiple Actions?


what type of automation is follwed in the project?


How can I find out the cursor position through QTP suppose I am keep tabbing(Pressing the tab key continuously) and stoped at a position Now I want to find out where the cursor position is


How can we use the "CreateObject("Shell.Application")" in QTP and what is the definition and purpose of it?