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hello...any one tell me , where can i get company email id.. actually i am searching on testing... in my CV i put 3+ exp.. but all companies are asked company email id.. please provide solution for that... thanx in advance...


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What is the difference between functional spec. and Business requirement specification?

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What are the different types of Database checkpoints in QTP? when they are used?

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Hai anyone please "Explain about Framework in QTP?"


Hai anyone please "Explain about Framework in QTP?"

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what type of scripts are asked in qtp?

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how to tell about testing a website in interview using qtp?? what r the points to be covered mainly?

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if full in Object Repostoiory then how to load other Object Repository

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Hi Friends, How many types of Data Bases available in market... What is the diff. while using Syabase and Oracle in a Project... ? and what is the main diff. of Syabase and Oracle databases... ? Thanx in advance..


what are the attributes of QTP?

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What is the main difference between desriptive programming and generic functions


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Give me detailed theritical explanation about keyword driven, hybrid framework, environment variables, hybrid frame work



Explain the difference between smart identification and object identification withn clear example. please it is very urgent


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How to database testing by manualy?in my db having 100 records when i am retriving the data from db it shows in frent end 30 records how to find bug using QTP?plz Exp realtimers (Chandana)


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Define QTP ?


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What is the use of sendkeys and what are send keys


What Folder Structure following in Keyword Driven Frame work?


how do u manipulating INI, DLL and / or registry files in support of your test environment? actually what do u mean by INI and DLL or registry files. plzzz its urgent do answer


How u will do versioning in QTP?


How to add verification steps to tests?


what is the difference between development and testing


Hi, How Accessibility checkpoint in QTP can be implemented in the test script?


why you have standardized functions? plzzz guys with real time exp. do answer


write a script to validate the content in the web application. (do it by OR method) and (do it by Descriptive method by creating a description object.. (give a filter condition only WEbelement- not easy need to use some more property while giving filter condtions- use google for your help...))


What contains Data Driven Framework document in qtp?


i am a begnner so am learning Error handling :tried using Recovery manager didnt work i want to be able to handle errors , e.g. if while running the test the folwoing does not show up then how can i use the If then else and goto next step in the test, as in many scenarios it does not show up Browser("The Shopping Channel -").Page("The Shopping Channel -_8").Image("easy pay").Click


write a script to verify links on any web page by using descriptive method by creating a description object (give a filter condition only link) ... need to verify expected like name by reading


When Recovery scenario actually starts while testing the application?


Hi, I got error message as "object does not support this property or method: "Test.Actions" when i execute the following line of script on QTP 9.0 Dim qtApp, qtRep Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") Set qtRep = qtApp.Test.Actions("Action1").ObjectRepositories Can anyone tell me where i am wrong.


what is key word driven frame work ? why it is called like that ? what is the diference between keyword driven and data driven frame work ?