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how can i call reusable action in a function could any one explain me?


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Which MS Excel formulas are possible to use in the DataTable? I am searching a formula for searching a field in the datatable


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How do u use Database checkpoints and what are the use?

Qualtree Solutions,

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hello all i need some good sites or blogs which give info abt vb script with examples n real time scenarios.just like tutorials as i m new to qtp n vbscripting. its urgenttt

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Hi, i am mallishwari, i am veryn ew to testing but i have very much interest in testing. plse give me some guidence to get the job in testing. send me required documents and faqs to my personal id: mallishwari_urs@yahoo.co.in thans for advance.

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How to convert non-reusable action into reusable action in QTP?(i know by default QTP will take it as a non-reuable action )(Chandana) plz urgent?


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1. how can you handle exceptions without using recovery scenario?


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.how will you load the object during runtime


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from what stage you will start automation in your project


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How to load the object repository at run time?


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Give me brief idea about QTP automation object model?


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what properties do use to identify a browser and page while using descriptive programming?


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.have you ever written compiled module? if yes , tell me about some of the function that you wrote.



what is the difference between IE & Netscape in web testing on a log in page



How do you change Logical Name of the object in test script?


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I AM TRYING PORT CODE FROM WINRUNNER TO QTP AND DON'T KNOW TO HOW TO CHECK THE ERRORS. IN WINRUNNER FUNCTION RETURNS EIGHER 0 OR -1 AGAINST WHICH RESULT CAN BE MADE PASS OR FAIL BUT IN QTP I DON'T SEE FUNCTIONS RETURNING ANY VALUE. APPRECIATE IF ANYONE COULD HELP ME CONVERTING FOLLWOING WINRUNNER CODE TO QTP. set_window("Customer Service"); rc = web_obj_get_text("Summary","#2","#4",ssn,""," ",1); if (rc != E_OK) { report_msg("[GetSubscriberSummary] Could Not get subscriber SSN; rc = "&rc); myRC = rc; } else { ssn = StripBlank(ssn); if (DEBUG) report_msg ("[GetSubscriberSummary] SSN: "&ssn); }


Our company is having a windows client server application developed in vb.net. so there is a treeview and i am not in a position to record the click events in QTP. so kindly help. Vivek


Approach for Installation,comaptibility,system testing


I have qtp 9.5 demo ver,I am not able to record the yahoo broeser.so anyone can tell me what setting i have to do in QTP for yahoo brower recording. why its not recognise the object of yahoo browser????


Key word driven framework


Can any one tell me about "Mapping Repository Parameter Values" and why we use it....??How to use it???Please, tell the preconditions also...........???? Thanks in Advance


How can we conduct U-I Testing by using QTP??????


is there any addin for remedy user application


what is meant by source control?


whow much strong on VB and C?


How to use userdifined environment variables.Once we created in Environment tab which is at File--> Settings-- >Environment-->Userdifined


How to check feasibility of the appliction?in automation testing?


i am new QTP... please tell me automation frameworks , types & for whiich type of applications frameworks are used & how to generate script in keyword driven framework


I have 5 save buttons in 5 tabs . The tabs are placed one after the other. My object repository have these added as 5 save buttons with name sav1, save 2, save 3 , save 4, save 5 .all are getting highlighted from OR but they are not getting clicked. After spying each button all the properties are same except First button Index 0 html id:=btnSaveTab1 outerhtml:=", Second button "html id:=btnSave "outerhtml:=", Third button "html id:=", outerhtml:=",


Explain about business process component? types and usage?