QTP Interview Questions
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what is the test object?

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who QTP recognizes the object stored in object repository?

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What is post recovery scenario?


what is reusable action and how the same can be implemented (process)?

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How will u integrate oracel with QTP?


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How QTP integrate with application?

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what is object repository?

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what are all the fileds present in object repository?



what is smart identification?

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what are the mandatory properties for a tex boxc (scenario?)


what is check point?

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what is object?


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what is action in QTP?


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what will be there in keyword view and expert view?

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what is regular expression how will you implement it?

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what and how to answer for the question "tell me about yourself ?" for 3 years experience. can anyone say inj detail please... its urgent


how to i add the values using the check points property?( i.e valid data(for valid data it's giving the footer message:value is added) and for invalid data: special chars, spaces,Duplicates and null values (in my page when ever we enter special chars, spaces and null values, it's giving the proper warning message and for Duplicates it's giving the footer message:"value already exists)?


What are the major/ important methods, functions in QTP we use realtime testing


before launching qtp, we need to close all the open browsers u dont know what are all the browsers either it might be ie,mozilla etc and u dont know how many brosers are open.... u need to close all these before launching qtp.. can anyone plz temme d solution...


Hi I am new to QTP. can u please answer to my qus... suppose 3 excel sheets are there * we are trying to check for login credentials for a page. userid from excel1 , password is from excel2 whether the page is opened or not that checkpoint is result is should be stored in excel 3.... this qus i have faced in IBM technical round... please tell script for above query ... please please


terminal services client


Sql questions to find second max salary and how to use joins


Hello friends..... On which areas of an application we can not test with QTP


When I click on a link in web page.Link should open in new window.can anyone please let me know the script for this ---Koti


What is the descriptive programming?


Any body have QTP 9.5 licence key. please provide me at madhukar_dec30@yahoo.co.in


when u script reveiwing in which area u more concentrates?


Hi friends I need to know about jubula automation tool. Is anybody know in bangalore where jubula tanning class is going on do let me know. Its urgent for me to learn that tool please help.


When we r doing data driven test with chkpts, i want to insert formulae in data sheet but i didn't get. How we wil do that plz. explain in detail.


Is QTP supports Unix. If yes, then how the test automation is done?