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I am automating a Java application. This application is developed using SWT. I am not able to get the GUI object. Even i tried with Java add-in. In tutorial it states SWT is not supported any idea. Anybody worked in such appln. My question is whether it is possible to record the GUI object of SWT appln. how it is possible.

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i want 8.2 and 9.2 dacuments plhelp any body sand it to my id sandhyat1@yahoo.co.in


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How to use QTP for Regration testing, plz tell as with short Example of login window? plz tell as....

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how to write the descriptive programming in QTP for loginwindow.without using Step generator,object repository for referecnes


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How to manage a drag drop event in the qtp

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i need the word "good morning" to be displayed by default whenver we click upon the blank test while opening the qtp. Could you please answer...

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Is there anyway to have QTP go into a website and map out every object before I actually record any tests? I basically want to map out a website with all the objects and build a complete repository. The reason is because I'm running into issues with hierarcical objects. for example: Browser("ABC company- Home").Page("ABC company - Home").Link ("About Us").Click Browser("ABC company - Page 2").Page("ABC company - Page 2").Link("About Us").Click Both these links ("objects" and I use that term loosely as I'm trained mostly in OO programming) go to the same place but but the object heirarchies (pages) are different. I want a repository that will find any possible link on any possible page without having to manually record it. Is there a way to do this?

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What is the difference between CVS and VSS? Are you store QTP SCRIPT In VSS OR CVS? Where you store QTP Script?

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Qtp Automation Engineer , Can he login in VSS? What purpose he login In VSS? But Some companys are using CVS AND VSS ? some are Have log in in VSS Some Not login(not accessing) into VSS, not login persons are working on CVS? my doubt is, can Qtp automation engineer have loin in VSS or not? Where he store QTp Script?


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how i will connect oracle or microsoft acess database through manually written Script


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Explain abt the File System Object in QTP with ex

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What is QTP scenario.



How u execute test cases in manual testing?

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how u track bugs using Test director in manual testing.

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how u test a frame in a web page using QTP?

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give me the code to save all messages of inbox of gmail into a folder and notepad


hi all can anyone explain how to write the code for finding the mandatory columns in table which are having (red*) (red Astrik)


Hi am New to Automation Testing , any one can you help me what are the basic questiion are asked an interview?


What is QTP scenario.


I want to do QTP Certification what is the pattern of Question paper.


what are the mandatory properties for a tex boxc (scenario?)


How do you test the text displayed in the header portion of times of india epaper. Hot news(banner) are scrolling in the top of the page, how do you test using QTP?


What is the limitation to XML Checkpoints?


Can any one brief some detail on how the shared and action object repository utilized/implemented in a real time project. I already know how to make shared object repositor by saving OR as .tsr extension..I wanted the actual concept of implementation...couple of live examples will be highly appreciated. Thanks


Hi frnds, does anybody know if there is anything called "thin point" or something in qtp? thanks in advance.


For which type of projects the iterative model is not suitable?


can anyone tell me from where i can download qtp demo or crack version


how to post xml data from QTP scripts to any application?


Hello friends..... On which areas of an application we can not test with QTP


Where is the Bitmap checkpoint information stored?