QTP Interview Questions
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what is the difference between window command and dialog command

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what is the difference between Table checkpoint and Database checkpoint in QTP

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How did u write macros?What is the main importance of VB macros in testing environment?

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What is the difference between low level recording and analog recording mode when it will be enabled.

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What is the difference between functions and actions in QTP?


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Maximum synchronizing time out in QTP


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What is the difference between a Test and a Business Component? Is it necessary to use Business Component while testing an application in the real time?

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What is the Test Object model in QTP?

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How will you load few objects in Active Screen?

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How to record objects of Windows taskbar


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In QTP, Which are the concepts are needed to do Functional testing and Regression testing?


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What is source control?

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How can i Save the snapshots in a specified folders using Scripting in QTP?

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What is Virtual Object? Plz Explain me with an example?

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How can you delete the results file (XML)

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What are the key points to create a framework in QTP for oracle forms?


How to run an integrated test scenario using Multiple Actions? How to use the QTP Step Generator?


How to use debug tools?


what QTP Options do you know?


Hi, How Accessibility checkpoint in QTP can be implemented in the test script?


What is the pros and cons between QTP and Rational Robot


We stored into the objects OR and then write the scripting


What is throw object?


what is description object?


what is the latest version of QTP? Main difference between 9.2 and 10 version


Hi we are using QTP9.0 for Seibel Application and this seibel application will give you a popup messagebox which is of web , so qtp takes 3 mins to recognize the messagebox and to click on it , we have more number of messageboxes like this . please suggest me some solution


Subj: realtime example of Database check point, Can any one please detail on how the Database check point is utilized/implemented in a real time project. I already know how to make one by creating DSN/ODBC and writing the required query manually and other steps...I wanted the actual concept of implementation...couple of live examples will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance


How to create Reusable and Multiple Actions?


For which type of project the iterative model is suitable?


what kind of frame work you used in your last project?