QTP Interview Questions
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what is the difference between window command and dialog command

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what is the difference between Table checkpoint and Database checkpoint in QTP

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How did u write macros?What is the main importance of VB macros in testing environment?

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What is the difference between low level recording and analog recording mode when it will be enabled.

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What is the difference between functions and actions in QTP?


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Maximum synchronizing time out in QTP


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What is the difference between a Test and a Business Component? Is it necessary to use Business Component while testing an application in the real time?

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What is the Test Object model in QTP?

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How will you load few objects in Active Screen?

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How to record objects of Windows taskbar


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In QTP, Which are the concepts are needed to do Functional testing and Regression testing?


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What is source control?

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How can i Save the snapshots in a specified folders using Scripting in QTP?

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What is Virtual Object? Plz Explain me with an example?

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How can you delete the results file (XML)

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how to use the regular expression for the below code-- swf("application name").swftreeview ("Treename").select"Medication;Pharmacy:56" There is a tree view window of the folder's ie Medication- >Pharmacy(sub folder)with 56 as count of records...The records can be different or if no records present in the specific folder..then it show "Paharmacy:-no records".Whe i record at the first time .....and try to rerun the same script with different records count say "pharmacy:800"..qtp is not regnizing it...therefore i want to user regular expression..but donot now how to use it and where to use...i have tried.... swf("application name").swftreeview ("Treename").select"Medication;Pharmacy:\*"..but it s of no use..plz help..me


how to know no.of mails in our g mail by using vb-script


in my application,validation message has in japanise language.how to validate this message is appears properly or not


Is the qtp course will help to create a virtual object?


Can anyone help.i need total excelsheet operations,shortcuts in testing environment from starting onwards....


Explain Descriptive Programming Types with Examples?


can anyone tell me from where i can download qtp demo or crack version


Hi,All How to create a link in excel sheet using qtp


How can i check items sorted or not in a weblist ? Give me the script for this...


Write a script to verify font style and color of a windows object using descriptive programming


Hi How to retrieve data from web element line by line?


what is test scheduleling?


Hi. please provide license key for QTP 9.2, I have windows XP on my machine Thanks in Advance, moreshwar


What is TOM in QTP?


How to capture a window in QTP?