QTP Interview Questions
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Which Databases supports for QTP?

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What are the enhancements u did after recording ur script?

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difference Between Call Run action and copy of action?

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Explain about reusable actions?

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Tell me the situations where we will use Data Driven?

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It is very difficult to test in manual for that we go to DATA DRIVEN TEST.

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What is output value?

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What is BPT?

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How to access values from Unix OS and how to write..

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Did you use flatfiles in your projects?At what situation you used it?How can you upload flatfiles?

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what is a active x control?can any one brief me about active x controls

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Hi Guys, In one of my interviews, I was asked to Write a paragaraph explaining how much scripting I did in QTP? I don't know where to start and what to write. So I need your help in writing that.

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how qtp handles customised object

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how to identify an object which is not in the object repository identification can be done using descriptive programming.

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what is a file system object in QTP

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Hi Friends this is kumar i would like to request to all of you ,please help me to explain real time project with using qtp scripts i know basics of qtp but it won't workout on interviews,pls help awating to reply.


This is Karthic and my mail id is karthic.venkitapathi@gmail.com, please give me an idea to crack qtp 10


hi i am working with vbwindow on qtp.first i am openning qtp whenever open qtp my application not open that time generated error like "Runtime error 0" and fatal error:automation error how to solve this problem pls tell me


what is ODC and GDC?


Could you please any one give code for the following ? Scenario : Suppose a excel file contains 10 records and earch have 5 fields. how can i input this excel file for datadrive wizard ? Please explain


how to convert 100 into hundred repees only and viceversa


write a script to validate the content in the web application. (do it by OR method) and (do it by Descriptive method by creating a description object..


How to use debug tools?


Qtp has been installed on my pc but recently ON opening it is giving this error PLEASE REPLY IT IS URGENT IT WAS WORKKING FINE QTPRO.EX THE instruction at "0x7.. ...". referenced memory at "0000....The memory could not be read... Awaiting QTP XPERTS REPly URGENT


Tell me about your project? please help me how to tell about insurance project


How can we conduct U-I Testing by using QTP??????


Hi All, How to get repeated word in string . Thanks Balaji


what is the structure for the data driven framework


Should have experience in framework means?


I am trying to install QTP 9.5 but i am getting error message saying that ("Path is \QuickTest Professional\bin\vb_init.exe") vb_init.exe file is not find. can anybody give me the advise what to do ?