QTP Interview Questions
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Which Databases supports for QTP?

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What are the enhancements u did after recording ur script?

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difference Between Call Run action and copy of action?

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Explain about reusable actions?

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Tell me the situations where we will use Data Driven?

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It is very difficult to test in manual for that we go to DATA DRIVEN TEST.

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What is output value?

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What is BPT?

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How to access values from Unix OS and how to write..

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Did you use flatfiles in your projects?At what situation you used it?How can you upload flatfiles?

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what is a active x control?can any one brief me about active x controls

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Hi Guys, In one of my interviews, I was asked to Write a paragaraph explaining how much scripting I did in QTP? I don't know where to start and what to write. So I need your help in writing that.

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how qtp handles customised object

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how to identify an object which is not in the object repository identification can be done using descriptive programming.

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what is a file system object in QTP

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Hi friends I need to know about jubula automation tool. Is anybody know in bangalore where jubula tanning class is going on do let me know. Its urgent for me to learn that tool please help.


What is the framework your company is following. What is the reason. Explain why key word driven frame work is chosen.


How do you perform Regreession Testing?


I am having major problems with some DB Table Checkpoints I add to my script. I 35 web based applications recorded and each has DB Table Checkpoints insert but only 1 script isn't recognizing the DB Table Checkpoints for some reason. I've checked the DB connections and the info in the Library Functions and still only this one script out of 35 doesn't recognize the DB Table Checkpoints. Can someone please help me figure out why only this one script out of 35 that's hitting the same database is having a problem.


can any body clearly explain about keyword driven framework .give me the explanation for files what ever you use in this frame work?


can anyone tell me from where i can download qtp demo or crack version


This is a question thats generally asked in every QTP interview. What were the problems that you faced during automation and how did you resolve them?


How to write business scripts using object repository with different scenarios


Hi All , How can we decicde for pariticular frame(DataDriven or Keword Driven)in Project? Thanks Balaji


How can we extract data like "Details","Result","Time" from the 'Run Error' result generated in QTP after run time errors are generated during a run & import the details etc...into excel sheet


How you will rate urself in QTP in the range of 0 to 5


Which functionalities of QTP used in banking project? pls any say answer?


In order to select an automation tool for automating ur application, what r the things u need to consider? For eg i will go for automation; 1) When there is a lot of retesting and regression testing. 2) Return on investments. 3) Whether the tool supports the appln. 4)--------------, etc. Pls give me more number of points because my answer did not satisfy the interviewer. Very urgent pls


whare exactly we have to use functions and sub routain


QTP 10.0 is not identifying web objects for IE 8.it is identifying like winObject.I installed HP patch QTPWEB_00037.Still getting issue