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In key word driven framework,we will rename the logical names of objects,why?

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How to get data from excel sheet to the script? write the script.

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How to count the no of objects in XML file(QTP)


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Username field having some string mistake like"user naem".what type of testing i prefer to test spell check.


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HoW to open QTP in Real time.after getting the qtp window how to log in .pl answer real time people


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i have a window , initial its name is "NEW CUSTOMER" i have to enter the details of customer in the test object fields and after saving the window name is automatically changing with the customer name . so how to identify that window after saving. (i am using descriptive programming.)


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hi in QTP 8.2 in the edit box has text like "raju want married" . i want to check "want" is their in the text or not ?


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Hi,How to write regular expression for inbox(10) {here 10 is changing while playback}.tell me the pettern.

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what is the difference between invoke application and system.util.run

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how to write xml output check point bu useing descriptive programing .means without useing output check point


dar Sir I am Facing th eProblem in QTP thet ,when I start thrcording inthe QTP for the ASP front end and C# the Coding Language I fing that recording is Done well for the Login screen but at the Time Running the script the QTP is Unable to Identify the Objects On the Objec Onht eLigin screen .Please answer the Question in Description and the Propables reason I might be facing alsp the Popable solution I have to Take thanks and ragards

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Hi Friends ,I want to Know name of the Site for the QTP Help and the Best Book through that I can start the QTP Practice here also whare can I download the QTP Users Guide I search I was Unable .

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hi, Can any body tell me whats the difference between the QTP and the Rational Robat ad the Silk Test and LOad Runner and are they used in any Company On the Major scale bcas I finnf Many comapny Using the Manual Testing Only Hence Askin the Question Hope I will get the Assitence .

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hi Friends ,willany body tell me what is the Scope for the automation Testing inht Future is their Or not And what is the Top Most Level in the testing section according the Pay scale


Hi Friends,will any body tell to Me for which Auomation Tool their is great Requirement inht eMarket Eithr the QTP or WINRUNNER and for what reason and how long it is going to remain and wat the Scope for the automation Testing In the Future Please tll to Me In Details Ok .

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what is the advantages and disadvantages of using functions instead of re usable actions


what r the main attributes of test automation?


How can we extract data like "Details","Result","Time" from the 'Run Error' result generated in QTP after run time errors are generated during a run & import the details etc...into excel sheet


I want to capture data(using keyword) from msdos application using QTP?... Below is little work i could do on it... /* Set app=CreateObject("Wscript.shell") SystemUtil.run ("C:\Users\Agent\Desktop\pumpsim\PUMPSIM.EXE") Window(“PUMPSIM.EXE”).Activate wait(3) app.sendkeys "N" */ Thanks in advance...!!!


Which advantages helping QTP to hold the position of "Market Leader" for such a long period?


What are the major/ important methods, functions in QTP we use realtime testing


I am a newbie to QTP / Automation testing. I want to develop a script that creates a data file automatically with proper headings using VBScript in QTP.


Hi Friends this is kumar i would like to request to all of you ,please help me to explain real time project with using qtp scripts i know basics of qtp but it won't workout on interviews,pls help awating to reply.


what are the utilities and drivers


What is ObjectParamater?


How can we conduct U-I Testing by using QTP??????


How can we retrieve the Bug Ids which are open&Reopen in status through QTP scrit?Please find the script which i tried... Dim objBugFactory, objBug Dim BugId Set TDConnection = QCUtil.TDConnection Set objBug = TDConnection.BugFactory If QCUtil.IsConnected then Reporter.ReportEvent 0, "Connected", "Connected to server: " + QCUtil.TDConnection.ServerName + chr (13) +"Project: " + QCUtil.TDConnection.ProjectName + chr (13) + "Domain: " + QCUtil.TDConnection.DomainName Reporter.ReportEvent 0, "Current time on server is","==>" & TDConnection.ServerTime Else Reporter.ReportEvent 1, "Not connected", "Not connected to Quality Center" End If If mybug.Status="Open" Then BugId=mybug.DefectId MsgBox BugId End If 'OR**********************************--------------------- -----********************************** If Bug_Fields("BG_STATUS").Value ="Open" Or "Re Open"Then BugId=Bug_Fields("BG_BUG_ID").Value MsgBox BugId End If


can anyone tell me from where i can download qtp demo or crack version


How the smart identification is used in real time?Please explain with an example


Hi Sudhananda, plz send me the QTP framework with any diagram and PPTS . I want to switch to automatio, I done QTP from professional person, but he does not give me his knowledge properly. so pls help me Thaks send me on following address mirajkar.akash@gmail.com