QTP Interview Questions
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1.In VB Script 100 lines Script. How can check the Syntax errors? 2. Write a VB Script for X = India/Srilanka/Australia/England/South Africa.I need the Output Country wise? [ 1st Msgbox India , 2nd Msgbox Srilanka] ---- 3. How can Choose these test cases to be automated?


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How to find which type of Framework is suitable for which type of application?


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How to switch between browser tabs? )moving from one tab to another tab)


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What is the use of low level recording? How does it useful?

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What is the main disadvantage of using low level and Analog modes?

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what is difference betweem class annd object?

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wht is the difference between action and functio?

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what is parameterisation?

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What is QuickTest Automation Object Model? Where we can use AOM?

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How to track the execution time?

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With out using the task manager,how to close the application using vbscript and what is the statement?

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What is the difference between wait and synchronization point?

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What are the option you can use to synchronize your test?

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What are the environment variables?

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four browser are open same application i want to enter 3browser how?


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how do u manipulating INI, DLL and / or registry files in support of your test environment? actually what do u mean by INI and DLL or registry files. plzzz its urgent do answer


how to test load test and block box testing an a web based application pls give ans briefly


What are the different types of action?


How software automation specialist enter steps in the Expert View?


Your roles and responsibilities and daily tasks? (As automation tester)


Analyzing the checpoint results?


Is any limitation to xml checkpoints?


What is the architecture of your project? Can any one answer for this question plz........


How to find the path of folder in which the test is saved in qtp?


What are the advantages of Object Repository?


Hi All, How to get repeated word in string . Thanks Balaji


hi to all, i need a code.. in flight application 1.i need to login first then i need to insert 3 new orders... 2.i have to log out 3.i have to login again with different user 4.need to insert 2 new orders 5.then need to log out 6.then again login with different user 7.3 new orders create and log out 8.but we hv to do this using data table and actions please help me


What are the methods of the TextStream object that are used for reading from a text file?


What is the quicktest professional (qtp) testing process?


In a flight window we have to enter the name and meal request for every passenger.In that window if we give Total passengers=1 then the Psngr1 name field and psngr1 meal request field will reflects.if we give Total passengers=2 then Psngr1 name field and psngr1 meal request field,Psngr2 name field and psngr2 meal request field will reflects and so on.if total psngrs=100 then will we capture all the fields for the psngrs to Automate the app how we can handle this scenerio thru Descriptive programming?