QTP Interview Questions
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1.In VB Script 100 lines Script. How can check the Syntax errors? 2. Write a VB Script for X = India/Srilanka/Australia/England/South Africa.I need the Output Country wise? [ 1st Msgbox India , 2nd Msgbox Srilanka] ---- 3. How can Choose these test cases to be automated?


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How to find which type of Framework is suitable for which type of application?


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How to switch between browser tabs? )moving from one tab to another tab)


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What is the use of low level recording? How does it useful?

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What is the main disadvantage of using low level and Analog modes?

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what is difference betweem class annd object?

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wht is the difference between action and functio?

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what is parameterisation?

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What is QuickTest Automation Object Model? Where we can use AOM?

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How to track the execution time?

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With out using the task manager,how to close the application using vbscript and what is the statement?

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What is the difference between wait and synchronization point?

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What are the option you can use to synchronize your test?

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What are the environment variables?

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four browser are open same application i want to enter 3browser how?


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i have doubt suppose iam purly working in QTP, when i will work on sql and performence testing? pls any one clarify doubt?


In QTP TEST DIRECTOR COMBINATION WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF TEST DIRECTOR? In Somebody says to store test cases and design test cases.?ok fine , but In test director 5.0 , QTp not launching. what u do?


How to get popup error message.


Write a script to verify font style and color of a windows object using descriptive programming


Is it possible to refer the same object for referring more than one object that are of different class using the descriptive programming approach? Suppose my code is 'To create the object named as obj Set obj=Description.Create() 'To define the values obj("title").value="IE" obj("type").value="text" obj("html tag").value="INPUT" 'To set the value Browser("IE").Page("Yahoo").WebEdit(obj).Set "xyz" Can I refer the "obj" object for the three objects like Browser,page and webedit objects? If so how?


Hi. I have completed B.TECH(CS) , But I will go to "SECURITY CONSOLE OPERATING" [C.C CAMERA abservation]. IF interviwer asks " Why you choose this job ?" What we will say? urgent.........................urgent...........


images are dynamically changes how to compare two images with out using the bitmap


Hi All, I Want To excute scripts batch without using QC .I need code for that Thanks Balaji


I need to obtain the parent of an object programatically, so if I have: winButton("aButton") I need to obtain the parent part: window("Window1").Dialog("Dialog1") so I can programatically create a string of the full name of the object to call it with an execute statement in QTP I would like to use something like: part[1] = "window(""Window1"")" part[2] = "dialog(""Dialog1"")" so I can do: exeLine = part[1]&"."&part[2]&"."&"winButton(""aButton"")" Execute exeLine Apart from keeping a record of the window/dialog hierarchy is there a parent or path function/ command Thanks Adrian


we add library file used in test via settings or through "ExecuteFile" command. when we implement framework do we make common library file and load the same for all the test cases execution?


Hi Friends... By using QTP , can we test .net products...and that product supports different languages.. thanx in advance..


I would like to directly import XL file and work on that XL file directly in QTp script in that XL sheet need to allocate workbench,XL sheet and generate two bar graphs automatically how to do that? plz let me know any answers?


what type of run time errors you get while you ar edoing rpg program?


Did the scripts need lot of maintenance? If yes, why?


how we implement share object repository in QTP 9.0 without using quality Centre , Explaine in brief