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Scenario:2 combo boxes.1st combo contains a,b,c,d.2nd combo contains 10..20,20..30,30..40,.Selecting 'a' shld display 10...20,'b' shld display 20..30.. and so on.tell d script? 2.Random testing of 500 test cases in qtp?

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In qtp,how to interact tool & application build?


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Can we do qtp testing without creating objects in Dbject repository? can we do it completely writing code i.e in expert view only. Are there any books for this?


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How to do Batch run in qtp? provide the steps?

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can some one help me how to compare the values from one sheet to values in another sheet? suposse i have a feild called Temp in action1 and i also have temp in action2. i want to compare the values of those two actions sheets data table? how can i do it using descriptive programming?

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what is the difference between link and hyperlink?


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How we can merge the object repositories?say if we have two or three object repositories then how e can merge them? is there any option in Qtp to merge the object repositories


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what are recovery management techiniques?

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Does QTP provides any tools for parametarization?


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How we can add actions in the test using QTP?


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Do we get any issues if we run the testscript on different browsers? what are the options we need to st in QTP?


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what are the challenges do we face while testing webbased applcations using the automation tool QTP or any?


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Can any one please list me out the shortcut keys for some functionalities in the QTP .. for example ..to record...to run...etc

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i have two questions for regular expression :- Q1. I have date pattern eg-29/11/2011 29-11-2011 29.11.2011 Que- if any separator is there between date,month and year pattern should match else it should not match eg- pattern should not match in case of 2911-2011 Q2. let say i have a string and there is a number in between of that string eg.-Amount 30002.234 successfully credited to your account . now i have to match this pattern in such a way that even if decimal is not there pattern should match ,how i will do this using regular expression


how do i know how to use tools


can anyone tell me what to say in interview when interviewer asks about "tell me about your framework in your project"?


Hi friends I need to know about jubula automation tool. Is anybody know in bangalore where jubula tanning class is going on do let me know. Its urgent for me to learn that tool please help.


Explain about business process component? types and usage?


Could anyone help me for the below scenario: i am using the descriptive programming for my account, in which we have to generate the contract in the MS-word. when i generate this doc, we need to click on enable macros to continue further. but i am unable to make qtp to click on this. if anybody faced the problem like this??? pls help to get it resolved? Thanks in advance


explain abt dyanamic changing object with example?


I want to write some certification courses, so friends could you guide me? which certification is best and how to write exam and what tutorials need to be studied,what to do first, I am working on automation tool QTP 9.2


If there is a change in the object type eg: A button is changed as link, 1. How to edit that in the shared object repository. 2.What options are available to edit the object within shared object repository other than copy from loca; 3.What would be the effect of the change in Coded Scripts within QTP and Functions stored in .vbs file which are loaded and used in QTP


How often were they executed?


Can any one tell me.......How the test engg's start testing in the compy environment.....real time tester PLSSSS help me i need in depth information regarding this...


what r the verstions from 1st to present (verstions) of mercury tools (like winrunner,QTP,Loadrunner) ? Chandana


Hi! My OTP script has several bitmap checkpoints included which I check in the test results xml file. The test is for SAP 4.7. I need to save these bitmaps to files or at least export them to the html file using the export function in the test results viewer. Could you please help me with this problem? Thank you in advance! Best regards, Peter


requirement is for combo box your expected value is str= "Denver.Frankfurt.London.Los Angeles.Paris.Portland.San Francisco.Seattle.Sydney.Zurich" you must get the text in combo box and need to compare them how


What should we say if interviewer asks "What is ur project architecture?".......Can any one help me with clear information.?????????