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how can you select random value for every iteration from a weblist


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Does the Existing reusable action can be modified at the time of calling the action?? Please help me..

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Could some one help me the difference between GetTOProperty and SetTOProperty and when we will use these properties. and what is meant by SetToProperties..

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Hi could some one explan what is the use of the function Defination generator, And how to use the function defination generator.. Explan with the example..


At a time how many users can access QTP?

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Hi Guys, I am very new to QTP tool , In real time environment how to test the application with this tool, 1. How to load application in QTP tool 2. How to write test script in QTP. 3. In manual testing we test login box (user id , password) how can we test this kind of testing with QTP tool with examples . Please guys put some focus on my questions , real time ecperienced answers would be appreciate, advance thanks ,please guys i am expecting ur answers as soon as posible


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what is the purpose of .vbs file?


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Explain key word driven frame work?How to use in real time?


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How can I test the unix shell in QTP


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How many types of Parameters are available in QTP? and Pls Explain with example.

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3. How to handle the exceptions using recovery secnario manager in Qtp?


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4. what is the use of Text output value in Qtp?


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What is the difference between QTP and WinRunner? Why do you choose only QTP for automation among remaing tools like Rational robot and silk test? Write the VBscript for any functionality in your project ? What is the cost of QTP ? If you entered into yahoo mail with your valid user name then you will get FOR EXAMPLE , " welcome to krishna " on the top of inbo page , how can you test it in QTP? What type of testing you can do, when we gave you 5 screens and how can you test that application? What type of framework you are using in your company and explain it?



How good are you in writing VBscript code for your application? Can you completely write VBscrit for your project with out using recording mode in QTP?


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in flight reservation ex once u login, u go into next window where we hav an option of new, open and help etc.. how to fetch those options and to go to respectiv tab accordingly using qtp.. plz let me knw answer for tis as early as possible. Thanks in advance... asha

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Can any one tell me how to write a script for selecting open option in File menu of A word document.here you have to add objects to OR.try like that and give me the ans.i asked this question to so many but no one knows.if any one know the answer plz let me know


How to add object to object repository in qtp9.0 Suppose for brower yahoo home page


what is the difference btn risks & Therads in the Test plan documentation?


How to use debug tools?


if our qtp vb Script may be Currepted then What we want do?


i'm using the qtp to test to vb appliction,i wanted to get the new application's title.i didn't want to use the winAPI to get it ,i 'd like to know whether a QTP function can do it. Eg: SystemUtil.Run "C:\Program Files\.....","","","" 'run an application, and misure the application is activating,then how to get the hwn wihtout using windowns api


Can QTP be used for GUI testing ?, We are using Java with MySQL and Operating system is Linux. We are NOT using the web.


Which functionalities of QTP used in banking project? pls any say answer?


How to get popup error message.


Hi any body pls help me for QTP 11.0 software free demo version. i have to practice. Kindly send the link.or where i have to download.


How to test the login page in different ways in automation testing and i need code?


Why we use QTP ,We can use other tools like WR OrSilktest What r the options in Qtp that WR and Swilktest Does not have.


What Folder Structure following in Keyword Driven Frame work?


how to convert 100 into hundred repees only and viceversa


Can any one explain me what is the procedure to connect the remote desk by using QTP 9.2 ?