Load Runner Interview Questions
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ingenaral realtime prjoects how much load and bottile neck will take part in a project?(Chandana)


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Can we run the Qtp Scripts in Load Runner?

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Can u call QTP scripts from Load Runner?

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In Loadrunner Raw data cab exported into CSV file formate hear CSV means?(Chandana)


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How to increase the performance of an application?real timers plz(Chandana)


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Types of frameworks which is fallowd in Loadrunner ? real timers plz(Chandana)


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1st i would like thankfull to (Mr.AJAY,MR.Srinivas,Rani) which u gave nice Posting Answers,my question is to get a job in performance testing how we have to pripare like what part i have to cover,i did not done any project just knoledge on tool, i am expecting valuble sugistions , gideliens to achive goal?(Chandana)

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Hi My question is, when u involve in a real time project how did involve(role) from the begining to at relase the product what risks and steps takes ? plz only for real timers, i dont want bookish knowledge (Chandana) prf ble to Ans this one for Mr Srinivas,Mr Ajay etc.... Thank u

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Can we use Loadrunner Functions in QTP SCript......?

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Hi All, 1. How to Run QTP Scripts from Loadrunner, can u plz give steps in detail 2. Can we put LR functions in QTP script...? 3. While Executing QTP Script in LR, can we use the Correleation concept...?

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How to call the QTP script in to the load runner? which foment should it be?

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Can We record the Desktop application or windows application in Load Runner(A simple VB application) If yes which mode we have to select while recording in Load Runner?

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can we run the script using mozila or netscape, recorded using internet explorer ?


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can we run the script using mozila or netscape, recorded using internet explorer ?

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how did u do performance testing in ur project?plzzz guys with experience answer in detail, like hw u ppl have used it in ur project. Thanku in advance.

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what are the skip functions in Load Runner?


how to add 100 for dynamic(correlate value) value


Hello Friends, Can anyone please let me know about Performance testing health care EDI ( 270,271, 835 ect). I need as detailed answer as possible. I am going to use LoadRunner for load testing. I would really really really appreciate your help. Thanks, Piyush


What is Standard deviation? How it will use in Lr?


Hi all, In Monitoring, if u want to know0 how much disk space the app has taken to deploy? Plz help me.


What is the basic credentials should be provided while recording SAP-GUI?


How to record the desktop application in Loadrunner 12.53 version 64 bit window.


How can we invoke a parellel process in load runner using C or perl language?


What are the documents your using ,and how your distibute the users


what is remote performance monitering?


Hi all, I am new to Load Runner. I have run the load runner and i got analyzed reports/graphs. But i am very much confused about how to analyze those graphs. Can any one help me out this problem?


ur using the internet with same bandwidth & others also use internet by sharing the bandwidth there exist the traffic in between how u calculate this?


Hi all, I am having an interview on LoadRunner (SAP Web Protocol). I am wondering if somebody can help me with some interview questions at a 2 yr Scriptor level. Thanks and all answers are much appreciated.


Hi, How can we know that the app deployed in Weblogic Server in percentage?


difference between latency and transaction response time