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Can u call QTP scripts from Load Runner?

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Can u call QTP scripts from Load Runner?..

Answer / nicholas

Yes you can call QTP scripts from LR.

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Can u call QTP scripts from Load Runner?..

Answer / prabha

no, Qtp scripts were generated in vb language,
LR scripts were generated using c langauge.

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Can u call QTP scripts from Load Runner?..

Answer / srinivas

I guess, if they are in TSL(Test script Language) they can

And even since QTP is also product of HP(earstwhile MI),
that compatibility should be there.

My guess is powered by the fact that WinRunner's scripts
can be played in LR.

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Can u call QTP scripts from Load Runner?..

Answer / ajay

Yes obviously , we can call the QTP scripts into Loadrunner
and more over this option gives us the exact and correct
response times as well during the execution.

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