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Load Runner Interview Questions
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what are the general problems faced in VB Vuser Protocol?



what is the difference between the HTML and URL based recording in load Runner?


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I cannot find the record option if i select VB protocol in Load runner 8.0?Its asking me to install VB driver if i run the script?How should i install it?Please let me know.

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What is RDR files in Load runner? What is Scenario Configuration in Load runner


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What are the drawbacks of LoadRunner tool?

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Generally LoadRunner uses to test the load. ( client- server, webbased applications,... etc). Shall we use LoadRunner instead of WinRunner or some other tools?

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can we use Load Runner to perform load testing on client- server application developeds in java? if yes, which protocol to use and how to go for it?

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Hi every one, i am working as a Test Engineer i was assigned to a web based project so i need some information regarding load testing what are all the topic i need to look into to work efficiently on the load testing of java application please help me out with all the details i need to look into i would be Thank full

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How to capture dynamic values in load runner and how Each of the captured values are to be written to a text file (c:\temp\LoadRunner1.txt)

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What is the scripting language using in LoadRunner?

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How do decrease the TPS,when one Vuser is running? For example, I am running one DRB with TPS 18 TPS, I want to maintain it as 7 TPS, how?

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What are the components of LoadRunner?

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what do u mean by co-relation?

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What are the different login options for loadrunner?

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What is the Diffrence between Clint server & Web based application ? plz Explain in detail (Chandana)


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Un-Answered Questions { Load Runner }

How to identify what to correlate and what to parameterize?


What are the vuser components in loadrunner?


How we tested remote servers if client is installed in another place


What is x-windows?


What are the 5 icons appear in the buttom of the controller windows?


How is automated correlation configured?


How many types of graphs are available in loadrunner?


when i run start senario for different process it always completed at elapsed time 6.32 sec. i don't understand why it happens.. can we set elapsed time ? plz answer....


What are the four selection methods when choosing data from a data file?


What is the think time?


What are the section contain by the vugen while creating a vuser script?


Hi can anyone help with projects using load runner. I learnt loadrunner but don't have a hands on experience on it.. it will be very much helpful if some can help me up with a project. can email me:


What is report header and what are the information contains?


What is the difference between transaction and transaction instance in loadrunner ?


What is difference between manual scenario and goal oriented scenario?