Load Runner Interview Questions
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What is Ramp up? How do you set this?

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What is the advantage of running the Vuser as thread?


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If you want to stop the execution of your script on error, how do you do that?

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What is the relation between Response Time and Throughput?


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Explain the Configuration of your systems?

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How do you identify the performance bottlenecks?

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If web server, database and Network are all fine where could be the problem?

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How did you find web server related issues?

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How did you find database related issues?

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Explain all the web recording options? What is the difference between Overlay graph and Correlate graph?


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How did you plan the Load? What are the Criteria?

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What does vuser_init action contain?

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What does vuser_end action contain?

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What is think time? How do you change the threshold?

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What is the difference between standard log and extended log?

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what are the skip functions in Load Runner?


when a Load Runner controller fails?


What are the documents your using ,and how your distibute the users


I have one Scenario login then bookcoffee then logout explain test plan for above scenario?


How to configure yahoo cookies in load runner?


How can we invoke a parellel process in load runner using C or perl language?


difference between latency and transaction response time


How to record the desktop application in Loadrunner 12.53 version 64 bit window.


what are the risks you faced with loadrunner


How can you test the global servers with using loadrunner


ur using the internet with same bandwidth & others also use internet by sharing the bandwidth there exist the traffic in between how u calculate this?


Suppose ur app server is .net server. In that connection pool is related to memory ?explain how?


Hi, How can we know that the app deployed in Weblogic Server in percentage?


Which are online monitors and windows resource monitors


How to upload media use loadrunner? I record the script but it fail because the top of document is invalidation.How to solve the problem?Which one know the answer please tell me. Thanks!