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Load Runner Interview Questions
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What Component of LoadRunner would you use to play Back the script in multi user mode?

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What is a rendezvous point?

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What is a scenario?


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Explain the recording mode for web Vuser script?


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Why do you create parameters?

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What is correlation? Explain the difference between automatic correlation and manual correlation?

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How do you find out where correlation is required? Give few examples from your projects?

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Where do you set automatic correlation options?

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What is a function to capture dynamic values in the web Vuser script?

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When do you disable log in Virtual User Generator, When do you choose standard and extended logs?

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How do you debug a LoadRunner script?

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How do you write user defined functions in LR? Give me few functions you wrote in your previous project?

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What are the changes you can make in run-time settings?

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Where do you set Iteration for Vuser testing?

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How do you perform functional testing under load?

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Un-Answered Questions { Load Runner }

Hi all, I am new to Load Runner. I have run the load runner and i got analyzed reports/graphs. But i am very much confused about how to analyze those graphs. Can any one help me out this problem?


How load runner interacts with the application?


What are the process for developing a vuser script?


difference between latency and transaction response time


What is difference between manual scenario and goal oriented scenario?


What is the difference between web_reg_find and web_find?


For what purpose, user will be using ‘continue on’ error?


What do you mean by remote command launcher(rcl)?


You have an application which shows the exam results of the student. Corresponding to name of each student its mentioned whether he passed or failed the exam with the label of “pass” and “fail”. How will you identify the number of passed and failed student in vugen script?


What is running virtual user graph?


How many types of graphs are available in loadrunner?


When a scenario run exactly what happened?


What is filtering and sorting?


How do you load a load runner agent?


What is vugen recording and scripting?