WinRunner Interview Questions
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Is Winrunner 7.01 supports .NET applications?

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Some of the importent functions in data driven test(ddt)?

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what are Recoring modea available in winrunner?

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What is context sensitive Recording?

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What is Analog Recording?

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Is Gui Map Created when you record in Analog mode?

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What are the functions generate when u use GUI Check point?give me some of ones?

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What is database check points? how many types are there?Explain?

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What is the add-in used to test the web application in winrunner?

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How do you that one record was entered in to a particular table using winrunner?

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For what type of applications Rapid Test Script Wizard available?


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How many types of tests can u create in winrunner?


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How do you recognise Active X components in winrunner?

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How do handle error/exceptions in winrunner.


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How do you create a startup script in winrunner and what is consists generally?


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How do you call windows APIs, explain with an example?


you hae a inbox and got a mail how can you know it is there or not write script.


what is the difference between toggle checkpoint and checkpoint?


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global sheet and external excel sheet how it will work


How should we write and execute a user define function using WinRunner.


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How do you suppress a regular expression?


descriptive program for web application.


How to find the local host name using winrunner ?


What is test parameter


soft key for virtual object wizard ?


what is qtp licence


Where do you found that you can't use winrunner for automation?


Are there any suitable free tools to conduct performance test on a php web application?Manual or automation which is preferable for such kind of application? please answer ASAP