WinRunner Interview Questions
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what is software metrics


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which testing life cycle are u following & explain


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Testing work start at once


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which method are using to obtain runtime property of an object


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write a function for addition of two numbers


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how you execute the function


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how to open an application


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How to do the "Exception Handling" in Winrunner ..... Give Me detail Practical approach....(Object Exception,TSL exception & Pop - up also).......?

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What is the process of file parsing in winrunner?

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What do you mean by S/W Testing Automation Framework? What are different types of automation framework?

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What we have to do if winrunner is not able recognize an object even if we have mapped the object with standard windows object used by winrunner using wirtual object wizard?

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hi,i am sudha.i am married.i had done my BE in 2005.i learnt testing tools.i dont no how to tell about my self.please send me good answer about that infomation i gave.

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What is the difference between QTP and WinRunner?


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what is the extension for WR files?


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what is winrunner framework


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soft key for virtual object wizard ?


How do you execute your tests from windows run command?


What all are the different databases winrunner can support?


How should we write and execute a user define function using WinRunner.


what is the testing high level architecture


what is risk?


Write test scripts on a scenario where you have to transfer data from one table to another.


Dear all i am new to testing my company using and we are developing web based application. How i can test those application with winrunner if any one have some good tutorial or link kindly provide thanks u.


This Is Sekar, Can Any One Of You Help Me? Question: How To Draw Charts In Excel Sheet Using Winrunner Scripts. Thanks, Sekar.


Welcome link is dynamic. How do you handle? What is your approach and write script.plz send answer


Which function to use to compare the application date with system date?


Where do you found that you can't use winrunner for automation?


i get error "winrruner cannot identify object" and gives details like the physical description of object "windowsFor....378734a_11" has changed descritpion in GUI map new discription Description { { class:object class:object Msw_id:264896 Msw_id:918548 } } Below is a script of functionality where amount is transfered from users account ,first contact summary of user is opened then transfer button is available on which we click .on clicking transfer form opens and various details are entered like amount to be transfer,transfer type .line where i m getting error is obj_mouse_click (" have marked it with red in script .0.378734a", 164, 10, i would be very thankful if anyone can give help related to this problem. *SCRIPT IS BELOW:-* > # Shell_TrayWnd > set_window ("Shell_TrayWnd", 1); > toolbar_button_press ("ToolbarWindow32_1", "Contact summary - > Scheme: > SCHEME CARD PROGRAM (admin - Local - V."); # Button Number > 3; > > # Contact summary - Scheme: SCHEME CARD PROGRAM (admin - Local - > V. > set_window ("Contact summary - Scheme: SCHEME CARD PROGRAM (admin - > Local - V.", 1); > obj_mouse_click ("CommandBar1", 437, 15, LEFT); > > # Transfer (admin - Local - V. > set_window ("Transfer (admin - Local - V.", 1); > obj_mouse_click ("", 164, 10, > LEFT); > > # #32769 > set_window ("#32769", 0); > obj_mouse_click ("", 138, 9, > LEFT); > > # Transfer (admin - Local - V. > set_window ("Transfer (admin - Local - V.", 0); > obj_mouse_click ("", 166, > 13, LEFT); >


what is the difference between toggle checkpoint and checkpoint?


Could you anyone share me the path to download the automation tools which are having trial license version?