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C++ Code Interview Questions
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Complexity T(n) What is the time complexity T(n) of the following portions of code? For simplicity, you may assume that n is a power of 2. That is, n = 2k for some positive integer k. a) ? for (i = 1; i <= n; i++) { j = n; cout << i << ? ? j << ? ? << endl; } b) ? for (i = 0; i <= n; i += 2) { j = n; cout << i << ? ? j << ? ? << endl; } c) ? for (i = n; i >= 1; i = i/2) { j = n; cout << i << ? ? j << ? ? << endl; } d) for (i = 1; i <= n; i++) { j = n; while (j >= 0) { cout << i << ? ? j << ? ? << endl; j = j - 2; } }

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Complexity T(n) Write a linear-time algorithm that sorts n distinct integers, each of which is between 1 and 500. Hint: Use a 500-element array. (Linear-time means your algorithm runs in time c*n + b, where c and b are any constants that do not depend on n. For example, your algorithm can run in time n, or time 2n + 1, or time 5n + 10, or time 100n + 6, but not time c*n*n = c*n?.)

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Subsets Write an algorithm that prints out all the subsets of 3 elements of a set of n elements. The elements of the set are stored in a list that is the input to the algorithm. (Since it is a set, you may assume all elements in the list are distinct.)

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Min-Max Write an algorithm that finds both the smallest and largest numbers in a list of n numbers and calculate its complexity T(n).

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Min-Max Write an algorithm that finds both the smallest and largest numbers in a list of n numbers and with complexity T(n) is at most about (1.5)n comparisons.

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Teta-Omeg-Big-Oh Show that f(n) = n2 + 3n3 is ;(n3).

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Faster Computers Suppose you have a computer that requires 1 minute to solve problem instances of size 1000. What instance sizes can be run in 1 minute if you buy a new computer that runs 1000 times faster than the old one, assuming the following time complexities T(n) for our algorithm? (a) T(n) = O(n). (b) T(n) = O(n3). (c) T(n) = O(10n).

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Algorithm in O(2n) Presently we can solve in our hypothetical machine problem instances of size 100 in 1 minute using algorithm A, which is a O(2n). We would like to solve instances of size 200 in 1 minute using algorithm A on a new machine. What is the speed of the new machine should be?

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Wrie a function which returns the most frequent number in a list of integers. Handle the case of more than one number which meets this criterion. public static int[] GetFrequency(int[] list)


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Counting in Lojban, an artificial language developed over the last fourty years, is easier than in most languages The numbers from zero to nine are: 0 no 1 pa 2 re 3 ci 4 vo 5 mk 6 xa 7 ze 8 bi 9 so Larger numbers are created by gluing the digit togather. For Examle 123 is pareci Write a program that reads in a lojban string(representing a no less than or equal to 1,000,000) and output it in numbers.

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Where now stands that small knot of villages known as the Endians, a mighty forest once stood. Indeed, legand has it that you could have stoodon the edge of the wood and seen it stretch out for miles, were it not for the trees getting in the way. In one section of the forest, the trees stood in a row and were of hight from 1 to n, each hight occurring once and once only. A tree was only visible if there were no higher trees before it in the row. For example, if the heights were 324165, the only visible trees would have been those of height 3,4 & 6. Write a Program that takes an array of integers representing the heights of the trees in the row as input and prints the list of the visible trees.

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How do I store linked list datas into an array?

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what is the difference between int &r and int& r

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An array of size 5X5 is given to us. The elements from 1 to 25 are to be inserted in the array, such that starting from a particular position for an element i, the next element i+1can be inserted only at the mentioned positions (u,v), and if these all positions are occupied then it returns giving a count of how many positions have been occupied in the array: (u,v) = (x+/-3 , y) (u,v) = (x , y+/-3) (u,v) = (x+/-2 , y+/-2). Example: if the starting element is 1 with the given positions (1,2), then next element 2 can be placed at any one of the positions marked with *. _ _ _ _ _ 1 _ _ _ * _ _ _ _ _ _ _ * _ _ * _ _ _ _



Definition of priority queue was given. We have to implement the priority queue using array of pointers with the priorities given in the range 1..n. The array could be accessed using the variable top. The list corresponding to the array elements contains the items having the priority as the array index. Adding an item would require changing the value of top if it has higher priority than top. Extracting an item would require deleting the first element from the corresponding queue. The following class was given: class PriorityQueue { int *Data[100]; int top; public: void put(int item, int priority); // inserts the item with the given priority. int get(int priority); // extract the element with the given priority. int count(); // returns the total elements in the priority queue. int isEmpty(); // check whether the priority queue is empty or not. }; We had to implement all these class functions.

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Write a simple encryption program using string function which apply the substitution method.


Given a table of the form: Product Sold on A 1/1/1980 B 1/1/1980 C 1/1/1980 A 1/1/1980 B 1/1/1980 C 2/1/1980 A 2/1/1980 There are 30 products and 10,000 records of such type. Also the month period during which sales happened is given to u. Write the program to display the result as: Product Month No. of copies A January 12 A February 15 A March 27 B January 54 B February 15 B March 10 C January 37


how to take time as input in the format (12:02:13) from user so that controls remains between these columns?


write a program to perform generic sort in arrays?


Code for Small C++ Class to Transform Any Static Control into a Hyperlink Control?


What output does this program generate as shown? Why? class A { A() { cout << "A::A()" << endl; } ~A() { cout << "A::~A()" << endl; throw "A::exception"; } }; class B { B() { cout << "B::B()" << endl; throw "B::exception"; } ~B() { cout << "B::~B()"; } }; int main(int, char**) { try { cout << "Entering try...catch block" << endl; A objectA; B objectB; cout << "Exiting try...catch block" << endl; } catch (char* ex) { cout << ex << endl; } return 0; }


Write a program that print in screen a tree with its height taken from user by entering number of 4 digits and find the odd numbers then calculate the sum of odd numbers so he get the height of tree?


output for printf("printf");


solve the problem in the programming language C++"if a five digit number is input through the keyboard.Write a program to calculate the sum of its digits(hint: use the modulus operator)


A suduco given & u hv 2 check if it is incomplete(blanks left),or correct or incorrect


create a stucture student containing field for roll no,class,year and marks.create 10 student annd store them in a file


Write a (n) algorithm that sorts n distinct integers, ranging in size between 1 and kn inclusive, where k is a constant positive integer. (Hint: Use a kn-element array.)


how to diplay a external image of output on winxp by using c & c++,




Write a C/C++ program that connects to a MySQL server and displays the global TIMEZONE.