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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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When frozen water vapour falls, it is: (a) snowfall (b) sleet (c) drizzle

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The drier leeward side of the mountain is generally called: (a) rain shadow area (b) pene plain (c) yazoo

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Rainfall generally decreases with increase of : (a) latitude (b) longitude (c) temperature

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In the tropics, continents have deserts in the western coast due to: (a) prevailing winds (b) oceans (c) human beings

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An intense local storm associated with cumulo-nimbus clouds is: (a) thunderstorm (b) dust storm (c) wind storm

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Tropical cyclone is also called: (a) typhoon (b) torando (c) lianas

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A small intense cyclonic storm of a very low pressure and violent updrafts is called: (a) torando (b) hurricane (c) rossby

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The science that studies the interactions between organisms and their environment is: (a) ecology (b) Biology (c) anthropology

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The process by which green plants build their own tissues is known as: (a) photosynthesis (b) taliche (c) podzolization

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The climate in which there is no winter season is called: (a) tropical (b) desert (c) humid

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Rainforests are associated with : (a) Tropical climate (b) Siberian climate (c) Taiga climate

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The climate in areas where no month has an average temperature exceeding 500F is: (a) Polar climate (b) Midlatitude humid climate (c) Highland climate

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Where no month has average temperature above 320F and a permanent snow cover in characteristic is called: (a) polar climate (b) ice-cap climate (c) cold climate

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A climate where precipitation received is less than potential evaporation is called: (a) desert climate (b) arid climate (c) tropical climate

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The vegetation developing without modification by man is: (a) natural vegetation (b) tropical vegetation (c) coniferous vegetation

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how much period of time to consider the current affairs(appsc group-2 perpose)