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The climate in areas where no month has an average
temperature exceeding 500F is:

(a) Polar climate

(b) Midlatitude humid climate

(c) Highland climate

The climate in areas where no month has an average temperature exceeding 500F is: (a) Polar cli..

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( a ) Polar climate

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Deficiency of which of the following causes knock-knee, bow legs and pigeon chest in children? 1 Vitamin A 2 Vitamin B2 3 Vitamin D 4 Vitamin E

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The main achievement of the American Revolution was the establishment of a republic which was not truly democratic because: (a) the right to vote was limited (b) women had no votes (c) election laws favoured men of property (d) slavery was not abolished

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In Homo sapiens, fertilization occurs in the 1 Uterus 2 Ovary 3 Vagina 4 Oviduct

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Lord Buddha was born at: (a) Pataliputra (b) Ujjain (c) Rajgriha (d) Lumbini

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. The value of the vote of a member of parliament in Presidential election is: (a) The number of people is divided by the number of constituencies (b) The number of people is divided by the number of parliamentarians (c) The number of people to be equal to the number of legislative councils (d) The number of people to be divided by the number of Members of Legislative Assembly

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The first PM to have resigned without attending a Parliament session, was: (a) Charan Singh (b) Lal Bahadur Shastri (c) Morarji Desai (d) Indira Gandhi

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In the recent past, a study by which organization found that popular cold drinks including Coke and Pepsi contain 30 to 36 times more residual pesticides than permitted? 1 Central Food Laboratory 2 Central Food Technological Research Institute 3 Centre for Science and Environment 4 None of these

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Bappi Lahiri won a case of plagiarism against which US based singer? 1 P.M.Dawn 2 Dr.Dre 3 L.L.Collj 4 Jeniffer Lopez

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The statue of Kanishka with a broken head has been found at: (a) Mathura (b) Indraprastha (c) Brindaban (d) Hardwar

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. In recent years there has been some concern over the threat posed by the Mathura Oil Refinery and the thermal power plants to the Taj Mahal in Agra. The Scientific basis of any possible damage to the Taj is mainly (a) Stratospheric ozone and the chlorofluorocarbons which destroy it (b) Acid precipitation and tropospheric ozone (c) Increasing levels of atomospheric CO2 which produce the greenhouse effect (d) Ultraviolet radiation (240-260 nanometers wavelength) and the fumes from the heavily polluted Yamuna river

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Which of the following festivals is not a harvest festival of India? (a) Onam (b) Pongal (c) Bhogali Bihu (d) Lohri

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Which one of the following is not a federal feature of our Constitution? (a) Written Constitution (b) Single Citizenship (c) Double set of government (d) Fundamental Rights

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