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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Water contained by glaciers on earth is: (a) 3% (b) 2.24% (c) 2.50%

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What is hydrological cycle? (a) Water circulation within earth?s system (b) Cycle driven by hydrologic pumps (c) A wheel in the hydrologic pump set

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Water exists in the atmosphere mostly in the: (a) gaseous state (b) liquid state (c) solid state

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The maximum limit at which water vapour is found in the troposphere is : (a) 18000 feet (b) 10000 feet (c) 5000 feet

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Water vapour helps to maintain the moderate range of temperature by: (a) absorbing shortwave radiation (b) absorbing longwave radiation (c) absorbing both shortwave and longwave radiations

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In 1 minute, how much water is given away by the atmosphere in the fom of precipitation? (a) 1 billion tonne (b) 2 billion tonne (c) 1/2 billion tonne

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The process by which vapour is converted to liquid is called: (a) condensation (b) dew point (c) condensation nuclei

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The temperature at which an airmass becomes saturated is popularly known as: (a) dew point (b) saturation point (c) kame point

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For condensation, besides temperature, another factor is necessary, what is that? (a) Condensation nuclei (b) Dew point (c) Saturation point

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The amount of water vapour in the atmosphere is called: (a) humidity (b) dew (c) precipitation

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The measure of the weight of water vapour that exists within a given volume of air is: (a) absolute humidity (b) relative humidity (c) potential humidity

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The ratio between the amount of water vapour and the maximum vapour that air can hold at a given temperature is: (a) relative humidity (b) absolute humidity (c) potential humidity

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The minor form of condensation near the surface that forms a mass is: (a) fog (b) cloud (c) dew

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Cumulus clouds generally give: (a) torrential rain (b) steady and persistent rain (c) no rain at all

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The falling of condensed water droplets of the diameter between 1/10 to 1/4 inch is called: (a) rainfall (b) drizzle (c) sleet

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