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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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. ‘A’ is seated between D and F at a round table. C and not E is seated opposite to D. Who sits opposite of B ? (a) A (b) D (c) C (d) F

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. Few men agreed to do a work in 10 days. On the day of starting 5 men did not come and the remaining men completed the work in 12 days. Totally how many men were engaged for the work : (a) 30 (b) 20 (c) 15 (d) 25

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. A man wanted to sell an article with 20% profit but he actually sold at 20% loss for Rs. 480/-. At what price he wanted to sell with profit : (a) 720 (b) 600 (c) 750 (d) 840

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. A man wanted to sell a piece of land for 25% profit. What is the ratio of land price compared to cost and sales price : (a) 4 : 5 (b) 5 : 4 (c) 1 : 4 (d) 4 : 1

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. Below questions based on this data provided : Population Precentage Less than 15 yrs 28% 15 – 20 16% 20 - 30 10% 30 – 40 12% 40 – 45 7% Above 45 Remaining % The total population of the place is 2 Lacs.

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. A member of parliament or state legislature will be disqualified to be a member if he absents himself for how many days while in session : (a) 60 days (b) 30 days (c) 90 days (d) 120 days

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. The National Highway No. 1 connects (a) Madras and New Delhi (b) Jammu and New Delhi (c) Calcutta and Amritsar (d) Srinagar and Trivendrum


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. The genetic code of DNA is carried from the nucleus of Robosome by : (a) t-RNA (b) r-DNA (c) s-DNA (d) ATP

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. Bile is secreted by (a) Pancreas (b) Small –intestines (c) Stomach (d) Liver

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. Interpol stand for (a) International Crime police organisation (b) International police organisation (c) International political organisation (d) International police officers league

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. Which of the following characteristics of Indian economy prove that it is an un-developed economy? (a) India’s per capita income is the lowest (b) Preponderance of consumption expenditure (c) Preponderance of agriculture in occupational structure (d) Prevailing unemployment or underemployment (e) All of these (f) Only (a) and (b)


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. Which of the following is main function of Unit Trust of India? (a) Mobilise very small savings (b) Giving Loans (c) Imposing Tax (d) Collect tax on agricultural land


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. Why was joint sector mooted in India? (a) For mobilising initiative resources (b) Because the Government was unable to handle (c) Because private entrepreneurs were exploiting consumers (d) None of these

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. On which side of India lies Arabian Sea? (a) North east (b) South east (c) South west (d) North west

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. Which of the following are good harbours of west coast? (a) Bombay (b) Goa (c) Cochin (d) All of these

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please send rrb assistant station master model question paper


How many local trains run in Mumbai


Name an actor who is nominated to Rajya Sabha.


What is the state dance of your native state?


Please tell something about ex-president APJ Kalam. Why was he so popular?


Where is first Railway University located?


What abt question in indian oil


To which sport is the tem Bishop related?


who is first m.d of apsrtc


when did the fall of bastille happen?


Who is the Governor of Bihar?


Name the chief justice of India?


Which of the following is not a salient feature of our Constitution ? a) A Parliamentary form of government b) A Sovereign Democratic Republic c) Contains Directive Principles of State Policy


Which animal has been declared as National Heritage Animal in October 2010 by the Union Government?


who started 'teacher's day'?