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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Where on India?s coast line is the vehement sea erosion problem faced? (a) Gujarat (b) Goa (c) Orissa (d) Kerala

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Mention the period of blowing of South-West monsoon winds in India. (a) All the year round (b) From October to January (c) From June to September (d) From April to July

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The longest of the South Indian rivers is: (a) Mahanadi (b) Krishna (c) Godavari (d) Kaveri

Godavari, police,

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The ?Blue Mountains? is the epithet applicable to the: (a) Satpura mountains (b) Nilgiri mountains (c) Lushai hills (d) Aravali hills


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Which one of the following measures could prove to be helpful in raising agricultural production in India during a short period? (a) Mechanization of agriculture (b) Co-operative farming (c) Use of better seeds (d) Consolidation of land holdings

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Which industry is associated with Nepanagar in Madhya Pradesh? (a) Cotton (b) Jute (c) Newsprint (d) Vegetable ghee

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The State in India with the largest coastline is: (a) Tamil Nadu (b) Kerala (c) Andhra Pradesh (d) Maharashtra

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India has the longest land frontier with: (a) China (b) Pakistan (c) Nepal (d) Bangladesh

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60 percent of commercial energy in India comes from: (a) Coal (b) Wind (c) Hydel (d) Nuclear projects


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Which of the following rivers flows between Vindhya ranges and Satpura? (a) Mahanadi (b) Narmada (c) Krishna (d) Godavari

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North India receives rain in winter because of: (a) Retreating monsoon (b) North East monsoon (c) South West monsoon (d) Western disturbances

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River Chambal flows through: (a) Rajasthan, MP, UP (b) MP, UP, Bihar (c) MP, Rajasthan, Gujarat (d) MP, Bihar, West Bengal

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If you go to Tuticorin, Paradip, Kandla and Mangalore, you won?t have to go through: (a) Tamil Nadu (b) Orissa (c) Gujarat (d) Kerala

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Which one of the following match with Khetri, Jharia, Kudremukh, Kolar respectively? (a) Coal, bauxite, iron gold (b) Bauxite, coal, iron gold (c) Copper, coal, iron gold (d) Iron copper, coal, gold

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Bhakra, Hirakud, Nagarjun Sagar and Ukai are situated on ??? respectively. (a) Beas, Mahanadi, Godavari and Tapti (b) Beas, Mahanadi, Krishna and Narmada (c) Sutlej, Mahanadi, Krishna and Tapti (d) Ravi, Sutlej, Cauveri and Narmada

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