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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Kremlin in Moscow is: (a) the seat of the government (b) a temple representing ancient archaeological remains (c) the name of a university site in Moscow (d) None of these

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?Abadan? is the famous oil town of: (a) Iraq (b) Iran (c) Jordan (d) Saudi Arabia

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Tirana is the capital of the country known as: (a) Yugoslavia (b) Hungary (c) Afghanistan (d) Albania

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Which of these is the smallest country in Europe? (a) Vatican City (b) Monaco (c) Andorra (d) Luxembourg

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Which nation is never allowed to fly its flag at half-mast? (a) Saudi Arabia (b) Turkey (c) Morocco (d) Libya

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Which of these nations has the largest percentage of persons in the armed forces? (a) Iran (b) Iraq (c) Israel (d) Syria

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Shatt-al-Arab demarcates the boundaries of: (a) Syria and Turkey (b) Iraq and Saudi Arabia (c) Iran and Afghanistan (d) Iraq and Iran

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Which of the following is the most industrialized country? (a) Bangaldesh (b) Malaysia (c) Nepal (d) Singapore

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Which is the largest city in China? (a) Shanghai (b) Canton (c) Beijing (d) Nanking

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Which is the most densely populated country? (a) Pakistan (b) Bangladesh (c) India (d) China

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The most important revolution which took place in the beginning of the 20th century, was the: (a) French Revolution (b) Indian Revolution (c) Russian Revolution (d) Chinese Revolution

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Where are most of the jute mills situated in India? (a) Along the river Hoogly (b) Near Malda (c) Near Burdwan (d) Near Howrah

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Which geographical region in India is the largest producer of saffron(Kesar)? (a) Konkan (b) Telengana (c) Kashmir (d) Coorg

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Tropic of Cancer passes through: (a) Uttar Pradesh (b) Madhya Pradesh (c) Andhra Pradesh (d) Maharashtra

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The longitude ?used? to reckon the Indian Standard Time is: (a) 750?30? E (b) 820?30? E (c) 850?00? E (d) 860?15? E

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