Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is Desktop Testing


How we validate and creating frameworks?

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What is Migration testing?


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What is Mutation Testing?


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What is Gorila testing?


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Can anyone explain me these 3 techniques with an example? 1).Equalent Class Partision 2).Cause-Effect Graph analysis 3).Error Guessing.

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Risk Analysis a) 2 step, b)3 step, c) 4 step, d) 6 step

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What is a test condition wen a tester will prepare or write a test condition?

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what is test scenario? write the test scenarios for your project?please tell the answer? The Automobile Dealer Office Automation (ADOA) application fully automates all vehicle sales and service operations. The project will maintain information about vehicles, spare parts, services, customers, sales and invoices. It facilitates to stores info about job cards and it can generate job

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what is bug life cycle?

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Tell me please whether Unit Testing comes under "Black box testing" OR "White Box testing" ?

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what is the difference between Performance,Load ,Stress testing

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we are about to implement a Test tool to test the performance of website, so what script does a tester should know (friends plz help me)


what is bugzilla?

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what is deffered status?

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9.Data – driver automation typically includes?


How can software qa processes be implemented without stifling productivity?


can any body tell me what is the process of between after getting a documents and testcase writing.


Dear Friends, Please guide me how to write test case for work Experiance field range.(It has 2 fields for range)


1.What is configuration Management? 2. Explain Impact Analysis 3. Explain Peer Review 4. what i kickoff phase of Formal Review. 5. Whatv are the phases of fundamental test process. 6. what is state transition testing. 7. what is LCSAJ 8. Test conditions are derived from where?


what r the 5 major defects that u found in ur shopping related project?


Hi.....wat r d major bugs we can find in banking domain???


What are the advantages of waterfall model?


Artifacts in design phase of SDLC ?


what type of testing techniques are using after accept the build?


i need some objective type papers for my certification


write the test case for Bulb & Mobile phone


How can you do the scalability testing?


difference between change management and configuration management


What processes/methodologies are you familiar with?