Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Write a set of test cases to test youtube?


What is defect clustering


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List 5 major test cases for Lift


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what are your achievements in your organization ? Guyz very very urgent , help me


can you tell me scenarios for login page?


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What is Hybrid testing?


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AS we working in Agile methodology How you will prioritize the productlogs??


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product is ready to release you found defects but you can not postpone it? How will you handle it??


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Explain about your current project role? and What are the applications involved? Where you will get paper bills?

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What is verification and validation in software testing? explain with examples?

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What is smoke testing and sanity testing?

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HP QC Defect life cycle?

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When you will raise defect? before defect raising what you will do?

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What is OSS and BSS?

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Where you will upload and Map the Test cases into QC?

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what kind of testing have u done?


i looking for the software testing job with the exp of (1.5 yrs ), if anybody knows how to approach the companies ,pls let me know , possible que which will be asked in interview ? pls send me sample resume for testing ....pls do the favour as soon as posible .


what could be the (realtime)bugs you come across in job portal and health care projects in terms of 1. high severity n low priority 2. high severity n high priority 3. low severity n low priority 4. low severity n low priority? pls its very urgent thanks n in advance n lukin forward for reply


Hi.....wat r d major bugs we can find in banking domain???


how to test a web application manually?can u explain indetail?


functional testing test cases for transfer funds ?


what r u r responsibilities in current project


What is the Diff between Code Walkthrough & Code Review? What is the diff between walkthrough and inspection? What is meant by GUI Testing?


1.What is configuration Management? 2. Explain Impact Analysis 3. Explain Peer Review 4. what i kickoff phase of Formal Review. 5. Whatv are the phases of fundamental test process. 6. what is state transition testing. 7. what is LCSAJ 8. Test conditions are derived from where?


what is the function generator?


I am new to testing, I need information about TSYS any website or if you have information please mail it to me. this is for online credit applications project.My mail id is Thanks for your help.


approx how long a simple website take time just for manual testing including report generation.


how many meeting in realtime environment? what are they?plz explain?


Anybody having documents and URLs about BFSI domain...Please is really urgent


need answer interviewer will ask me about all project which i mention in resume or presently i'm working??please reply tomorrow is my interview