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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Write a set of test cases to test youtube?


What is defect clustering


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List 5 major test cases for Lift


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what are your achievements in your organization ? Guyz very very urgent , help me


can you tell me scenarios for login page?


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What is Hybrid testing?


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AS we working in Agile methodology How you will prioritize the productlogs??


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product is ready to release you found defects but you can not postpone it? How will you handle it??


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Explain about your current project role? and What are the applications involved? Where you will get paper bills?

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What is verification and validation in software testing? explain with examples?

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What is smoke testing and sanity testing?

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HP QC Defect life cycle?

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When you will raise defect? before defect raising what you will do?

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What is OSS and BSS?

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Where you will upload and Map the Test cases into QC?

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What is an mr?


Hi friends I am kranti completed my IT diploma in 2005 & after that complete my software testing course. Now I am working in small software form as software tester. I have 2 + year experience in manual testing. Now I wan to change company. Plz told me is there any effect that I can not have any degree although I have 2 + experience ?


Explain the procedure for manual testing.


If project wants to release in 3months what type of risk analysis you do in test plan?


Explain compatibility testing with an example.


what risks do u faced u r projest how do you solve


what are the risks and contingencies u had in ur project?


Iam new to testing field and i put lot of experiences so i want to get prepared for the interview in all the ways both in manual and Automation can any one help me how to answer there questions in real time. also can anyone send the top questions and answers to me plz its urget u can mail me at


What is the difference between Functional testing and Unit Functionality testing?


Explain branch coverage and decision coverage.


how agile testing is performed and what are the related documents.


What is back to back testing?


what are risks and contigencies(solutions) of an ecommerce (online shopping and bidding project)application?we describe this in Test plan can anyone tell me abt this?


What is the responsibility of programmer’s vs QA?


How to write test case for view the table(i.e it is already stored in database and see the content in the table)