Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Write a set of test cases to test youtube?


What is defect clustering


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List 5 major test cases for Lift


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what are your achievements in your organization ? Guyz very very urgent , help me


can you tell me scenarios for login page?


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What is Hybrid testing?


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AS we working in Agile methodology How you will prioritize the productlogs??


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product is ready to release you found defects but you can not postpone it? How will you handle it??


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Explain about your current project role? and What are the applications involved? Where you will get paper bills?

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What is verification and validation in software testing? explain with examples?

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What is smoke testing and sanity testing?

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HP QC Defect life cycle?

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When you will raise defect? before defect raising what you will do?

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What is OSS and BSS?

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Where you will upload and Map the Test cases into QC?

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how can you test the web environment for security testing?


I studied MBA, I want learn any softwarecourse, which course is better hadoop or testing tools(manual+selenium?)


Why do you need to parameterize fields in your virtual user script?


can anyone tell me the scenarios for online banking transaction ?


Hi i am looking for Test Engineer Job, i have done the course, but i don't have work experience on it, Is it So important to have real time Exp or knowledge is enough? and please let me know like how i can improve for the interview. You can send me a mail on this id:


What are all the scenario for analytics 2.api 3.paypal


Dear Friends, Please guide me how to write test case for work Experiance field range.(It has 2 fields for range)


IF ASCII_CODE_OF_ENTERED_CHAR is less than 44 THEN reject it ELSE IF ASCII_CODE_OF_ENTERED_CHAR is greater than 56 THEN reject it ELSE it's a digit, so accept it Which one of the following sets of ASCII codes do you use to test the sample code above WITHOUT redundant coverage?


what is localization and globalization.and what are the ways way are going to test the particular application?how can we identify factual, visual, corrupted characters, link errors, formatting errors, etc in locallization?iam going to attend the interview on localization concepts and languages like : German, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish .tell me the process how to do testing above concepts let me know its 9908814046


what is the diff. bw separate database testers and manual testers with sql knowledge guys... iam confusing so much ,,in cmpny database testers are not working on manual..? both positions are same are not? explian clesly with example? thank u


Can u give me explanation about section 508 testcase and Testcase for this section. It need a details checklist for the same Manimozhi


Login screen with Username, Password input fields,remember me check box,sign in and reset button write Test Cases for GUI, Funcitonal, Negative, Usability and Security testing.


What is the difference between IE, Opera & Mozilla Firefox in web Testing and which brower will think that is much better?


I have an UI issue "please fill out this field" pop up in firefox browser keeps scrolling with the page is it valid???


How can you prepare the resume for testing? Can you send me the answer for this questions?