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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Q) A hotel telephone sys can perform 3 functions . Call another hotel room by entering a room number(201 to 500) . Call an external line by entering a 9, followed by the number. . call various hotel services 0=operator, 7=room service 8=reception. Write sets of test cases to adequately test this telephone system

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Q) If pseudo code below a programming language. what test case s are required to achieve 100% statements coverage If x=3 then display_message x; If y=2 then display_message y; else display_message z; else display_message z;

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Q) Create Preffered customer: As a customer when i purchase more than $5000 in goods since my first purchase, I become a preffered customer so that i can receive the benefits associated with that status.

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Could some one tell me test cases for multi line text boxes like Notes field?


i have an android phone i want to share a photo to my friends phone via Bluetooth.can you tell me possible test cases for this?

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change control

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how deployment phase of SDLC differs in product based and in service based company ?



what is cyclomatic complexity

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How you will do regression testing on login form, After fixing the bug?

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What are the Test cases for website home page? OR How you will Check website home page?

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Hi guys can u please tell that how to write the test case for checking the number of emails in inbox of gmail.

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what will be the usability testing of gmail's inbox page


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What is configuration management in software testing ?

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What is the role of software tester in process of verification? Explain.


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What is a test strategy?

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How we will test ubercate


What are similarities of Agile and Scrum?


What is client server application testing?


In our project, we use Withdrawal Indent, we are confused to use heading as "Withdrawal Indent" or "Withdraw Indent". Please suggest me which one to use ASAP, Thanks in advance


what is the use of l10n testing?


How much the bug is affecting the functionality of the application?


What type of projects can include in Logistics Domain? and what is the type of domain for project which include Driving license renewal, Different type of title registration etc...


Relative to other technical groups in the company? Relative to your staff?


tell me 3 defects in FRS document, while doing FRS review which u have found in the last 3 years ? could u plz answer


Iam new to testing field and i put lot of experiences so i want to get prepared for the interview in all the ways both in manual and Automation can any one help me how to answer there questions in real time. also can anyone send the top questions and answers to me plz its urget u can mail me at


what are the test bugs


Give me an example of something you tried at work but did not work out so you had to go at things another way.


Once automated, what are the types of functionality provides the highest Return On Investment (ROI) to the company?


What are the different servers and difference between them?


How can software qa processes be implemented without stifling productivity?