Manual Testing Interview Questions
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please send me database stored procedure checklist.


What is the best testing tool to test an desktop application(extJS app)?


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where we save project in our system before stating testing???

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what is the test plan of facebook?


what is test case review?


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diffrence between defect and bug life cycle

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Hi can any one plz answer me how to set up the test environment does it done by tester it self? its urgent thanks in advance roli

Cap Gemini,

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tester can give suggestion to developer "how to fix the bug" in bug report


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how to write test case for ID CARD button in HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM. kindly do reply me.


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What do you mean by offshore and onshore testing?pls tell the models of this testing?

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Hi Im Swarupa I have 1 Year of exp in Software Testing.I was involved in manual testing of the applications.Pls let me know if you know abt any oppurtunities...Preferred location Hyderabad

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In Manual testing BDD meaning

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How you will assure client that the number of test cases written by you is sufficient or can complete the test coverage completion criteria?

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How will you find out Root Cause of any defect?

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What kind of techniques used while writing test cases?

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What is the limit for test steps?It should be 10/20/30etc


Hi All. How can we write negative test cases for Logout Operation ? Please place the answer with a few details and if possible add some related object properties. "A tester exposes his/her ability not only by words he/she also proof it by work"


Hi Everybody could you please send me the ISTQB Material to my mail id Thanking you in advance


Test approach to windows scheduler?


how will you test a wine filled bottle along with 100 glasses


i want manual and automation test cases and interview questions


What is difference between web site testing, desktop application testing and wireless application testing? what is the difference in testing strategy to test them?


About Testing


how to verify a button size (e.g Login Button) on a web page have same dimension prescribed by Client in UI Testing..??


List the type of testing perform to test microsoft excel 2003 give atleast 1 example of each type


Did you ever worked with B.A's and when?


Could someone please send me real check list for Database Security testing.Please my mail ID- Thanks.


What is a test severity and test priority? difference between them with suitable examples?


after completeing testing ,what would u deliver to the client?


How will you set the Dependency in the Quality center? Say if you will fail a test case and two or more test cases are dependent on that particular test case. In this case how will you handle in failing the test case.