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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is role of a tester in the requirement phase?

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Tell me agile process in your company

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Difference between Agile process and Water Fall model

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Difference between Agile process and V Model

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Suppose u got Change Request from client just before release, What is your approach and how do you convenience the client.

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In Agile process, If you have not completed task in the Sprint time, How do you complete the task or do you add the task to next sprint.

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Difference between test Methodology and test strategy

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Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

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Difference between client application and web application

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What is your framework of current project

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What is interface in software testing???

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508 compliance

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write four critical test cases for logout operation?

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why is smoke testing done for a software?

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which test comes first installation testing or compatiability testing


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Post New Manual Testing Questions

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Define cause effect graphing?


What is big bang approach?


What does a manual tester need to become proficient with db testing?


Hi Friends, Can anubody give me brief overview of Automation tools.. (basics of tools-summary)of following tools? 1.Qualty Center 2.Load Runner 3.Win Runner 4.Q.T.P mail me on


Can you explain boundary value analysis?


how to test a store procedure?


What is your Approach when you find 10 Sev-1 bugs in 50 test cases?


What is difference between web site testing, desktop application testing and wireless application testing? what is the difference in testing strategy to test them?


what are risks and contigencies(solutions) of an ecommerce (online shopping and bidding project)application?we describe this in Test plan can anyone tell me abt this?


Explain the difference between severity and priority.


What is the typical situation u faced while collecting the test data?


What is Pre UAT and UAT is there any difference ?


Our software designers use UML for modeling applications. Based on their use cases, we would like to plan a test strategy. Do you agree with this approach or would this mean more effort for the testers.


Can anyone write test cases on google account creation page in the testing template format , urgent pls and explain if possible how to execute also


Can you explain the various elements of function points ftr, ilf, eif, ei, eo, eq, and gsc?