Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is role of a tester in the requirement phase?

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Tell me agile process in your company

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Difference between Agile process and Water Fall model

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Difference between Agile process and V Model

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Suppose u got Change Request from client just before release, What is your approach and how do you convenience the client.

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In Agile process, If you have not completed task in the Sprint time, How do you complete the task or do you add the task to next sprint.

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Difference between test Methodology and test strategy

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Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

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Difference between client application and web application

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What is your framework of current project

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What is interface in software testing???

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508 compliance

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write four critical test cases for logout operation?

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why is smoke testing done for a software?

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which test comes first installation testing or compatiability testing


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How many bugs occured will be considerd appropriate over 1000 steps when inspecting software? Describle an approriate Bug value.


What is bidirectional traceability ??? and how it is implemented


How to write test cases for nevigating menus? Ex. Course -Topics -Subtopics


What is the Difference between Network testing and Web Testing?


i) functional test cases can we consider for regression test ? or we have to write separet test cases for regression test ? ii) How to write the system test case and what are the technique shall we have to follow ?


What is test out put?


What is meant by Boundary value analisis and Equalence partitioning? Can give derive this using these methods? In a system designed to work out the tax to be paid: An employee has £4000 of salary tax free. The next £1500 is taxed at 10% The next £28000 is taxed at 22% Any further amount is taxed at 40% Which of these groups of numbers would fall into the same equivalence class? a) £4800; £14000; £28000 b) £5200; £5500; £28000 c) £28001; £32000; £35000 d) £5800; £28000; £32000


How the application is launched to the production environment?


can any one explain me briefly erp pharma project including all modules,like how to tell this project in interview in terms of s/w testing


How can write testcases on a code under development pls give asnwer


hi everybody, iam Adi Durga, i complited my bsc(computers) in 2008.I have experience in finacial and bpo companys(mnc). but iam intersted on s/w role.I have the technical skills c, c++, Oracle 9i and manual testing. But i dont know hoe to strat my career in s/w. Every company offering on financial/bpo side. In this I attended nearly 10 companies,I selected in 8. All those are bpo and finacial, But i cant get any opportunities on s/w side.plz help how to get opportunites on s/w side. Actually I am interested on testing side. But every company offering for only experienced persons. plz help me. this is my mailid....


Can anyone please suggest me a online book on manual testing??


explain ur testing project? how can u nexplain . what should we explain ? i have not worked on any project?


what are the risks and contingencies u had in ur project?


What icon is used in WinRunner to get an explanation of the syntax of TSL?