Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How will you divide two numbers without using the division operator?

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Write Test Cases for Vendor Machine, which inputs 50 - Pepsi 1 - Cock 1.50 - 7Up Test Cases should cover all the Boundary Value Analysis, Equivalence Partitioning, etc.


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what is test plan


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Tech round 1)joins 2)insert 3)delete 4)date 5)database architechture 6)bug life cycle 7)retesting 8)regression testing 9)somke and sanity testing Manager round 1)current organization details 2)explain current project 3)Basic unix comment 4)Test stragey

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what are the advantages of waterfall model over V-model??

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What is test design???


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what is functional testing terminologies


How can i understand about the concept of "State Transition" Testing. Can any Testing genius can suggest me.

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Hi Friends, I've to submit a presentation in my office about "Different bug tracking tools" ? Where can i find (or any site) the templates for the bug tracking tools.


What r the non-configurable items in the VSS for software configuration management?


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write negative scenarios for date given in the format dd/mm/yy

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What is the difference between Game (video game, mobile game, facebook game...etc) Testing and Software Testing? Why some company dont use testcase for Game, they only find bug and describe it directly to bugbase? And some testcase for Game if u think testcase is necessary for game (ex: testcase for Tetris game)

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How does compatibility testing differ while testing in Internet explorer and testing in Firefox?


write test cases on pen


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what is meaning of manual testing,,?

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Post New Manual Testing Questions

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how to creat 2 test plan in 2 different environment exp:tour and travel


Suggest some book to learn more test case???


i have 2.5 years of experience in manual testing and qtp. can anyone say me what kind of questions do they ask on manual testing and qtp.


can any one post the format of tracebility martrix Plz...... Maid Id:


What r the documents required for performance testing


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what should be tested when credit card is used as payment option in ecommerce project?can anyone tell me in detail what to test n how to test when credit card is involved in web application?


why use caffine for HPLC calibration ?


What will be the testcase for a uniquely generated number in the application?? i mean to say is, how will i conform the application is generating a unique value.... please do answer...


Inwhat basis the time is allocated for testing the application?


write testcases for open dialogbox


What a team leader will test first when s/he will get new module to test?


tell me some major and minor defects in ur net banking project?


where do we work with Application, web and Database servers Means which type of applications.


what s test block ratio? please any one answer me..