Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is testing management methodologies?? plz help me

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Which website will help me to get all manual interview questions at one place


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Please answer it:Your achivements as an manual tester? Dont answer :Ive found bugs? Bcoz it is your job.

JPMorgan Chase,


TestCase for White Paper?

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how many levels of software testing?

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what is main thing of the BB or WB in testing domain?

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Explain waterfall model????


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This is scenario based question atht I faced in an interview-"There are 2 systems with SIMILAR H/W and S/W configurations. I opened my gmail account from 1st system and I could open my gmail account successfully & able to operate it without any problem. But when i try to open my SAME gmail account from 2nd PC, I can't access it at all. So what could be possible defect/problem?" (Note that the email ID and password used is valid and correct)


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How to test the below code and write test case? Prove that this code is wrong? int add(int a ,int b) {return a+b; }


difference between Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing

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To test a application what is required is functional specfication or busniess requirment ?


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I am planning to write certification exam ISTQB on 19t of sep i have no idea on testing can you help me with material,frequently asked quetions and how much time it takes to prepare certification exam

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What is prior review?


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What is the difference between walkthrough and inspection? Give me the exact difference.

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Why Equivalence Partitioning is called equivalence or what is the significance of equivalence term in ECP?


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i) functional test cases can we consider for regression test ? or we have to write separet test cases for regression test ? ii) How to write the system test case and what are the technique shall we have to follow ?


About Hierarchy level in your company.


11.what are two of your weaknesses?


how will you test a wine filled bottle along with 100 glasses


tell wat u did in ur banking project?


Can you explian $ pillar of Agile


What are the uses of test plans? What is the need of test plans and explain their significance


Hi, I want "Intergraph" placement papers for experienced people which was conducted recently in Hyderabad. Thanks, Purnima.


When we are recording in WinRunner and interact with the AUT, what does WinRunner do?


hello frens. Im Arun from the uk. im planning to apply for tester jobs with 3yrs experience. the problem is i dont have resumes. i have to mention atleast 3 projects (preferably financial projects) in my CV. im totally blank. can u plz send ur CV's to my email.... this would be a great help from you guyz. n u need any help from me? just mail me n ill get in touch with u. Thanx.


plz send the test scenarios and test cases for "user name should contain 4 to 8 chars and they should have only vowels"


what is the difference between PEGA based web application testing versus web application testing?


what is mean by Performance Related Testing in data base?


. Is any graph is used for code coverage analysis?


can any one send sample test cases for database testing by taking an example? also leave emailid please. thanks (very urgent)