Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is testing management methodologies?? plz help me

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Which website will help me to get all manual interview questions at one place


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Please answer it:Your achivements as an manual tester? Dont answer :Ive found bugs? Bcoz it is your job.

JPMorgan Chase,


TestCase for White Paper?

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how many levels of software testing?

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what is main thing of the BB or WB in testing domain?

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Explain waterfall model????


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This is scenario based question atht I faced in an interview-"There are 2 systems with SIMILAR H/W and S/W configurations. I opened my gmail account from 1st system and I could open my gmail account successfully & able to operate it without any problem. But when i try to open my SAME gmail account from 2nd PC, I can't access it at all. So what could be possible defect/problem?" (Note that the email ID and password used is valid and correct)


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How to test the below code and write test case? Prove that this code is wrong? int add(int a ,int b) {return a+b; }


difference between Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing

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To test a application what is required is functional specfication or busniess requirment ?


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I am planning to write certification exam ISTQB on 19t of sep i have no idea on testing can you help me with material,frequently asked quetions and how much time it takes to prepare certification exam

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What is prior review?


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What is the difference between walkthrough and inspection? Give me the exact difference.

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Why Equivalence Partitioning is called equivalence or what is the significance of equivalence term in ECP?


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need testing projects where can i find them


1.what kind of testing have you done ?


Please Tell me About Fish-Bone Model. Thanks in Adv.


What will be the QA roles and responsibilities in Health care stream like BCBS,can someone please explain me any example project regarding health care services in web-based application?


Write a set of test cases to test youtube?


what is test case management?explain in brief.


test cases for compose functionality of gmail


hi this is ashok , i never worked in medical domain , can any one pls send me with proper exaple pls Question is while emergency or normal patitent enter into hospital he entered his first and last name and he enter emergency coloumn , write test case on these ,


I want to know about satyam manual testing questions


In our project, we use Withdrawal Indent, we are confused to use heading as "Withdrawal Indent" or "Withdraw Indent". Please suggest me which one to use ASAP, Thanks in advance


Give me an example of something you tried at work but did not work out so you had to go at things another way.


What r the sequences that leads to automation?


iwant know IEEE formate ,how it is used and exactly where it is used? i have details it follows test plan, testcases...etc. i want real time explanation. pls any one give?


Hi, Im B.E 2011 pasout,worked in back office till now, but now im searching for job into manual testing with fake exp of 1 year..Plz suggest me how to prepare for an intervw? how to gain real time testing knowledge? Is dere any site where i can practice testing?


what is the difference between Risk based and Requirement based testing???