Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What type of SQL queries will be asked in the Testing interview?

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What is the diffference between Web-based applications and Client-server applications ??

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What command is used to launch a application in winrunner?


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what is test metrics? difference between test matrix and test metrics? (Asked in Zensar Hyderabad today(17-1-12010))


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what are the levels in testing? (Asked in Zensar Hyderabad today(17-1-12010))


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with what documents you prepare the test cases? (Asked in Zensar Hyderabad today(17-1-12010))


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difference between test suit and test scenario? (Asked in Zensar Hyderabad today(17-1-12010))


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what is bug life cycle? (Asked in Zensar Hyderabad today(17-1-12010))


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what is framework and what is test methodology? (Asked in Zensar Hyderabad today(17-1-12010))


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Explain the End Goals of Usability Testing?


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What is non-compliance testing?


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what are the critical bug occurs in banking domain?


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Can anyone have some better answer for this.. Difference between Boundary value analysis & Equivalence partitioning?

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what is manual testing? what is the difference between manual testing and automation testing?

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What should be tested when Unit Testing is conducted?


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hi, I m looking for a career in manual web testing. so PLZ anybody who have the practical knowledge of dis field help me. GIVE ME UR MAIL ID so that i can ask regarding some doubts. my MAIL ID is


how deployment phase of SDLC differs in product based and in service based company ?


According to RBI rule how much money can be transferred through online banking at one time...?


how many meeting in realtime environment? what are they?plz explain?


what should be tested when credit card is used as payment option in ecommerce project?can anyone tell me in detail what to test n how to test when credit card is involved in web application?


Test cases on send/ receive button of Microsoft outlook.


What is revision history and the content of revision history table?


i have 2.5 years of experience in manual testing and qtp. can anyone say me what kind of questions do they ask on manual testing and qtp.


in an online banking software,users are connecting to bankserver by login.This login module can take below inputs for user. a/c number prefix-3 digits but doesnot start with 0&1 a/c number sufix-6 digits number password-5to 10 chars alphanumerics in lowercase areacode-3 digits number but optional purpose- cheque deposit money trasfer mini statement bills pay After filling above fields,user can click submit button to connect to bank server.prepare test scenarios for online banking s/w login.


What are the typical risks that you identify during test planning and their mitigation plan and Contengency plan.


what are the possible test cases for online jobs search portal..if its a job seeker module and any 1 if u had worked on this proj pls share the bugs with sev and priority pls frends i need replies for these queries ..thanks in advance


Hi Friends, I wish to start my career in manual Testing as I believe I am ready to face Interviews.I have good domain knowledge in banking(investment and retail) and insurance.To be in the competition I have added three years of testing experience to my CV apart from my domain experience. Can someone please advice some real time tips which can help in facing the interview. Thanks in advance


Upps..., sorry my email id is this : Thanks in advanced.


How do u go about testing of client server application


what types of bugs will we find out in banking projects