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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How to run the Data Base Testing Manually ?


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what is difference b/w Quality assurance & Quality control

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what is the difference between test case and result matrix


After completion of testing process what are the mandatory documents that a tester can produce?

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How do we decide that testcases covers all the requirements?


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How u prepare Test data in testing process???


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Explain Equivalence Partitioning ?


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Explain Boundary value analysis?


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what is crud testing ?


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Explain a sample testing cycle?


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How to write test cases for testing databases,especially for testing and writing test cases for stored procedures.


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What are the GUI Test Cases for calculator?


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What is the first query u encounter to test a database..?


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What is difference between system and functional testing?


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What is System Testing and Integration Testing.Differentiate them.


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How can you do the usability testing?


What are differences in testing a client server and a web application?


HI, This question is Investment Banking domain related Question. I was asked in an Interview to tell the 5 test cases for Equity,Bond,Futures and options. Please help.. Pragya


What is an audit report? Whom is it done by?


I have an UI issue "please fill out this field" pop up in firefox browser keeps scrolling with the page is it valid???


What is a testing process / lifecycle?


What is Pre UAT and UAT is there any difference ?


write test case for gmail sign up page ?


What is Cyclometric testing?


Beyond the customary advantages of having a testing group, what are the benefits does a company receive from a well run, automated testing group?


Can automation testing replace manual testing?


Please anyone give answers for all below questions and help ? realtimers please and please share your knowledge.lot of questions left unanswered.


What are joins and subjoins in the data bases what is data driven testing what is verification and validation What is Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) Is Verification is related to QA and Validation is related to QC ? which type of model you follow basically in your project what is a use case How to test a Bike how to test a Lift (Elevator). which configuration Management tool do you use which Bug tracking tool do you use explain Bug life cycle what is Regression testing what is ALPHA testing ans BETA testing What types of testings comes under Non functional testing what is TEST DIRECTOR what is CMM and CMM i whar are Expressions in Winrunner What is a Compile module Is it Necessary to open the tool first or the application first after getting a bug what will you do if you add a new object or a new module for the existing application then how will you test the application which Defect tracking tool do you use what is change management What is smoke Testing what is sanity testing A application is given to you but the requirements and functionalities are missing what will you do to start the testing which testing documents will be received by the client


What is split testing?


What is the full form of cmmi?