Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is RCA and how to do root cause analysis


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from where do u collect test data if u miss some data what will happen



when giving demo to the client. if u found a showstoper defect what you will do.

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What is difference between SDLC & STLC?

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Give me sample test cases for smoke testing


what is the role of QA in all the phases of SDLC?


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what is performance testing?


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what is the difference between Test strategy and test plan?


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How do we find Effectiveness of Test Cases ?


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what is advantages and disadvantages of the Waterfall Model and V-Model ?


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Diff b/w test case and test script?


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How to test the functional specification?


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How load testing is different from regression testing?


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what is meant by Priority and Severity?


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What is Defect Leakage?What Gap Analysis? What are the functioanl requirements to test the Software? What is Latency bug?

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1) how will you do validation testing in combo box ? (2)Suppose user does not want maximum length validation message, but when tester inserts data in textbox and it gets truncated, how will you resolve this issue ? (3)if a user inserts maximum number in quantity textbox in a PHP based web application then what result will show?


What is a good test? Wy do we need testing write test steps for triangle write test steps for ATM How a tester should approach a devloper about non accepted defect? What is test coverage assurance and give an example Draw and expain V model and how it is helpfull in software development


list of methods that is used to document the requirements of a software.


Hi, I want "Intergraph" placement papers for experienced people which was conducted recently in Hyderabad. Thanks, Purnima.


write test case for gmail login page


1.what kind of testing have you done ?


What is Difference between Test Strategy and Test Methodology?


Hi there, I am new to the world of testing. Is there any place where I can have a look at an actual specification documents or test plans or test cases. This will help me in generating a level of confidence. Looking forward to your replies


How to test a Falsh player scrollings?


What are differences in testing a client server and a web application?


hi everybody, iam Adi Durga, i complited my bsc(computers) in 2008.I have experience in finacial and bpo companys(mnc). but iam intersted on s/w role.I have the technical skills c, c++, Oracle 9i and manual testing. But i dont know hoe to strat my career in s/w. Every company offering on financial/bpo side. In this I attended nearly 10 companies,I selected in 8. All those are bpo and finacial, But i cant get any opportunities on s/w side.plz help how to get opportunites on s/w side. Actually I am interested on testing side. But every company offering for only experienced persons. plz help me. this is my mailid....


wat are the questions would the project leader ask about the project?? please do send the answers early.


Could anyone share FAQs for Test Manager position...


In how many ways you perform batchtesting ?


How do u go about testing of web application?