Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is the QA environment?

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What is the test case did u take more time,and difficult to write, in interview they asked, can anyone give the answer please.

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Write test scenario of calendar.

Citi Bank,

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Which was the most interesting bug you found.


Explain a bug which if you have missed could have created a big problem.

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what are the test cases to prove that given figure is triangle?

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Who writes "white box " test cases ?

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Who does integration testing ? Developer or Test Engineer?

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what is integration testing technique(like topdown,bottomup and hybrid)explain me friends

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Give two examples of HIGH SEVERITY and LOW PRIORITY.


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who will prepare the SRS,FRS,BRS, AND When Will they prepare that

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Is dekstop testing and client-server testing same ?

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What does FRS contain ?Explain in detail.

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what is sdlc?explian test plan.


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What is the difference between Retesting and Data Driven Testing?

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how will we change the server system time?


Hi,Please can any one tell me about SAP Testing concepts.


Write the test cases for yahoo home page


1.How to maintain the Bug status Report? 2.What is project based Company and product based company?


What is difference between web site testing, desktop application testing and wireless application testing? what is the difference in testing strategy to test them?


Give me sample test cases for smoke testing


Do you know anything about Set Top Boxes?


what is metrics in software testing? give me a brief detail about it?


Test Cases For Router&Switch


What type of questions will be asking for 2 years experience candidate in manual testing?


Write all combinations of test cases for calculater on + symbel


whats main working for tester. and developer, and prject manager.


what r u r responsibilities in current project


consider therez 1 land and it has mango trees in it, what are the tets cases or how will we count no of mangoes on all trees


Hi Friends, This is Chennamsubbaraidu.i Have 2+ Years Realtime Exp in Manual Testing.Am Looking to Shift From My Present Company.Please if u Have Any Openings in Your Company's, Please Let Me Know.Any Location Prefer.Thanks.