Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is the need of smoke test even when unit test is done by developers?

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what the diff b/w Smoke Testing and Santy Testing?

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Hi, Surbhi Here. Last Week I attended interview in a gaming interview and i cleared T.L , Sr T.L, Technical and Q.A MANAGER ROUND ALSO . but atlast they wrote doubtful on my resume. still my resume is on same status . so is there any chances that i can get call from them


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What are Test Deliverables?

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Hi Friends .. Ans me these questions only on q-1)when testing will be stopped? q-2)same application program will run on a standalone workstation and on connected workstations.Describe what additional testing is require when workstation are connected?

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Q-1) You are running out of time but you have to test the software what will be your approach? Q-2) The largest cost of quality is from production failure.true or false Q-3)Defects are lest costly to correct at what stage of development cycle? Q-4) what is that tester complain usually?

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Q-1 WHAT IS USE CASE? Q-2 Test cases cannot be developed with system users and designers as the use cases are being developed? true or false Q-3 WHAT ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF INCREMENTAL TESTING? Q-4)The cost of fixing a fault a)not important b)increses the later fault is found c)decreses the later fault is found d)can never be determined

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is Testing Engineer Involve in designing the Test Design

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hi all, please let me know how to down load QTP from internet?

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What is the actuall process of Smoke and Sanity Testing in companies

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What is V and V model

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Can anyone please suggest me a online book on manual testing??


Why testers wil prepare useracceptance testcases,system testcases and integration testcases,What is the differenece between all this test cases


What is QCM?


What is Facet Testing?


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Write the function test case to add a customer to database.


What are the challenges you faced in your project (Testing) and in your company?


write test case for gmail sign up page?


Please send any one latest 3+ years of experience testing tools resumes my mail id is


You want a automation tool to be used for your project. How will you convince the client for the same. Please give me specific answer.


What expected result should come when Enter any sql query like “Select * from hello;” without quotes and with quotes.


What are the main key components in Web applications and Client Server applications? and their differences?


please send me interview questions asked in google in testing - manual


Hi,friends i am going to write ICST certificate exam on augest.So can anybody post some of sample qusetions for ICST certificate exam.Really it will be useful for me


plz send the test scenarios and test cases for "user name should contain 4 to 8 chars and they should have only vowels"


Tell me a critical defect in which your Client,PM,PL appreciate on you


Name three reasons why the tester may choose to record in Context Sensitive mode.


what is the impact analysis?


Why documentation testing is important?


what is functional testing terminologies