Manual Testing Interview Questions
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when we swipe the credit card what will genertaed in Back end. how system will validated from the back end for credit card who is Aquriree and Issuer ,

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What is verification and validation testing


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What are the testing processes, methodologies and techniques


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What are the different test levels

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Hi Friends, I am going to give Foundation Level Testing Exam from ISTQB, I need its dumps and study material. Please help me if any one has. Thanks in Advance


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Hello every1 , i am a 2008 BE graduate & i am trained in S/W Testing., Would doing any certification course like ISTQB (foundation level) would help get a job in a good MNC ...

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Can anyone help me out to get Test clear in Adobe as i have call and My apti is too low as i preparing for technical..mail me at Thanks in Advance



what is data base testing, explain with example

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what is the difference between test scenario n we have separate template fr test scenario.what is the use of scenarios.pls explain with example.

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What is the difference between Usability testing and Exploratory Testing?


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What are the Validation Testers? Their responcibilities? Are Manual tester & Validation testers are same?

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what is the difference between automated testing n manual testing? which one is better?

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How many are the types of Black Box testing ?

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How any person can be a software tester, if he/she is not having software knowledge?

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how do u write test scnearios for Telivision /Refrigirator?

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To specify the test artifacts involved in testing.


hi all I have an overall experience of 12 years working in an EDP setup(worked in a manufacturing setup in a German MNC). On my request, I was relieved from my duties in Sep 06 for maternity reasons. However I would like to pursue a career in a software organization as a manual tester. I obtained my proficiency certificate in Software Testing from STAG SOFTWARE LIMITED 2 months ago i.e in May and would now like to continue working in this field. However I am unable to find a job until now. If anybody knows of a opening at bangalore, kindly let me know.


1.Enlist the types of testing performed for any window in sequence? 2.Use of edit_get_list function 3.Accuracy & Precision


Hi,Please can any one tell me about SAP Testing concepts.


Describe a past experience with implementing a test harness in the development of software.


Hi, I was asked following question during a interview. Please answer it: Password field is there,we can accepts every character except underscore and semicolon. It can accept min 6 characters and maximum 12 characters. Prepare boundary value and equivalence class test cases.


what is the use of l10n testing?


What is the typical situation u faced while collecting the test data?


*) Internal review defect gets detected… 1) During peer review. 2) By the own stuff member onsite/offshore. 3) During Informal review process. 4) None of these 5) All of these


what is the diff. bw separate database testers and manual testers with sql knowledge guys... iam confusing so much ,,in cmpny database testers are not working on manual..? both positions are same are not? explian clesly with example? thank u


In what situation would you want to parameterize a text verification check?


integration test cases for mouse and keyboard


What is actually a rule based testing


Describe to me what you see as a process. Not a particular process, just the basics of having a process.


Hello all, Can someone tell me what kind of questions i can expect from hiring manager along with two team members on final face to face interview for manual testing position.. I am switching from BA to QA as its better on benefits etc.. Thanks in advance