Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is web based application?

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knowledge of Sales domain

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what is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

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What is Functional Testing and Regression Testing?give one real time Example?

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What is testing web based project?Give one Example

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Difference between Test Cases and Test Scenarios ? Give some Example both of them

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what is Difference between Test Cases and Test Plan ? Give some Example Both of them

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What is the Difference Between Manual and Automation Testing.Give Some Example Both of them

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What is Fulltime testing?

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What is Bugzilla ?

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What is Quality Analyst?Give some Example?

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What skills needed to be a good test maual?

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hi plz send me top 30 FAQ's & answers on MANUAL TESTING.... regards Sanjana

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hi plz send me top 30 FAQ's & answers on MANUAL TESTING.... regards Sonia

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please give me Live example for 1. high severity & low priority 2. High severity & low Priority 3. low severity & high Priority 4. low sevrity & low Priority

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what are the risk factors in the project? what is the base for testplan and entry criteria ,exit criteria for test plan?


What is your daily process? I have 2+EXP IN MANUAL TESTING.PLEASE SUGGEST ME HOW i ANSWER


Can any one explain me about hybrid integration testing? and what is interface in integration testing? thanks in advance...... regards, MurthySharma.Manchella


9.Data – driver automation typically includes?


Could someone please send me real check list for Database Security testing.Please my mail ID- Thanks.


what is the difference between test case and result matrix


i have source and target having same data structure 500 fields and one lacks records. how to validate data. write 5 scenarios.


Work flow in testing in your company?


Hi, this is murthysharma. I need very urgently about some terms which are used in use cases? Plz give reply to me, if any body know, It is really very very urgent. 1. what is the difference between basic flow,exception flow and alternative flow? 2.what are non-functional requirements in use cases? 3.what are exceptions, special requirements, business rules, assumptions, constraints. Kindly give me with the example. Bcoz, I am very new to this use cases. thanks in Advance. Regards, M.MurthySharma


what comments have u given in peer review? tell me at least 3 comments what u have given? july27


What is Independent Testing?


What are all the netwoking tools, hardware tools and software tools required for testing a web-based n client server applicatopn?


anybody there with 3+ exp in software testing looking for change and like to work in bangalore fwd your resume to


Assume a login page, and you have written 10 cases(say for example). How will you justify that these 10 testcase suffient for the login and how do you say this is 100% satisfies the need.


Hi Please tell me about ERP Project how do describe in interview Please tell me details about this project my id is