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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Any one please can u tell me what is composer? An interviewer asked me do u have experience in Composer? its urgent.


what is data migration testing?


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Give me two examples of HLD and LLD...


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What is CMMI?

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Give an example of high severity and high priority bugs?

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Give an example of high severity and low priority bug?

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Give an example of low severity and high priority bug?

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One very small question, If application/ website performing all the function perfectly like submission, deletion, editing etc, why do we require Data base testing saparately. Please understand before reply thanks !!


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What is a Scenario Matrix's document?

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Give an example of low serverity and low priority bug?


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what is the difference between regression testing and retesting?

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What was early release of Quality centre called?

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Puzzle:A rope, a match box are given.the rope takes 1 hr to burn off completely.the rope is not uniform.there is no watch with can u calculate half an hour of time?

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How can u swap 2 variables in C without using 3rd variable?

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what is the difference between object rpository and object spy in QTP?

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Can you explain decision tables?


What are the different levels of manual testing?


What is data flow diagram?


test cases for compose functionality of gmail


Which criteria should take in account while doing CMS testing of any project?


Q) Create Preffered customer: As a customer when i purchase more than $5000 in goods since my first purchase, I become a preffered customer so that i can receive the benefits associated with that status.


Can you please explain me how to do testing of an E-insurance project end to end process..


Hi Could someone please provide Siebel Testing Interview questions for 5 years exp.


What will be the QA roles and responsibilities in Health care stream like BCBS,can someone please explain me any example project regarding health care services in web-based application?


Describe to me what you see as a process. Not a particular process, just the basics of having a process.


Can you explain the workbench concept?


Hi friends I am kranti completed my IT diploma in 2005 & after that complete my software testing course. Now I am working in small software form as software tester. I have 2 + year experience in manual testing. Now I wan to change company. Plz told me is there any effect that I can not have any degree although I have 2 + experience ?


how to test a store procedure?


write a testing stratgy \ approach for a product that you are use every day (e.g gmail, out look etc)


What is the difference between Functional testing and Unit Functionality testing?